Chapter Twenty

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"What is this?" Gwen asked as she turnes a candy bar over and over in her fingers.

"Just eat it," I said with a laugh. She opened the package gingerly and gave it a weird look. I couldn't blame her since she absolutely hated the last candy.

"It looks like a caterpillar," she complained. I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, okay, I'm not eating this." She pressed it down firmly and looked at me defiantly. We sat there having a stare down for a few minutes before I reached down and grabbed the candy bar. I opened the wrapper and broke off an end piece. "Daniel, what are you doing?" Before she could react, I wrapped an arm around her to keep her from moving away and pushed the piece of Cadbury Twisted into her mouth.

"Swallow it," I ordered as I tried not to laugh. Gwen scrunched her nose and tried to spit it out, but I covered her mouth. Eventually, she gave in and swallowed, all while having a very uamused look on her face. I took my hand away from her face and pulled my arm off of her awkwardly.

"It tastes like a Cadbury Egg," she mused as she took the candy bar from me and ate another bite. When she got about halfway through it, I took it back and ate a few bites out of it. "Hey!" she protested. Gwen reached for it, but I pushed her hands away easily with my free hand.

"You need to share, Gwendolyn," I teased as I popped the rest into my mouth. She narrowed her eyes at me and poked me in my side, causing me to jump. After tasting the rest of the candy, she ended the video. She leaned over me and reached into the bag, pulling out the Nutella. She grabbed my hand and tried to pull me towards the kitchen, but soon gave up.

"You're too heavy," she protested. I laughed and got off the floor. I followed her towards the kitchen and nearly bumped into her when she turned arpund suddenly. "Have you ever tried Nutella and popcorn?"

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