The Trainer 1

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Jeez I seriously need to control my A.D.D ...This my 6th story and I'm not done with the rest...I'm still uploading them tho :)

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•••Chapter 1•••

"That dog is going straight to the shelter!" My mother screamed pointing at my precious Max. He was sitting in the middle of the demolished living room,happily wagging his short tail. Lately, he's been a destructor, tearing everything in his sight. But hey, it's in his genes.He is a Jack Russell Terrier, bred for fox hunting.Dun dun dun(playing suspenseful music).

"Mom, he just redecorated the living room."I soothed and her face got redder.

"Shelter!"Max whined and hid his white,brown puppy face in his paws.I looked at the torn curtians, sofas leaking their stuffing and the yellow soaked carpets.

"It has a wild look to it. It's in style."Her face turned to a bloody crimson and she yelled at the top of her lungs.Maybe it's time to take him training...

•Next Day•

"Nicki!"I groaned.I could feel a slight nibbling on my foot."Nicki!"This time I sat up and tried to shake Max off my foot.He held on for dear life.He might have an adorable face, but he might as well be satin's spawn.He wouldn't slip off, so I just dragged him down stairs with me.

"Yeah mom?"I reached the kitchen to meet her stern face.

"Today is his first day at Distinguished Dogs."She told me.That was the place where I was taking Max to "distinguish" him.pfft.If anybody could do that I will love them.

"Okay,I'll get dressed."I mumbled and was about to turn to leave, but Max suddenly pulled agressivly on my sock and I flipped over, landing on my face.Gotta love Saturdays...Yep every Saturday, I am to take him to this training place at eight a.m.I got up, forgetting my dignity a dragged Max along as he growled viciously.He is only 12 inches tall, but he has the strength of a Mastiff.

I got dressed in skinny jeans,black boots(not the hooker kind),long sleeve blue t-shirt and a black jacket.It was a freakin' cold snowy day and Max and I were walking there.I put Max a black puppy coat on and together we walked out,bidding my Mom and Dad goodbye.

We walked in silence,finally.The cold air bit at my cheeks and fingers.Snowflakes invaded my eyes and I had to blink constantly.Max suddenly stooped and peed.Beautiful...Yes I'm being sarcastic.I then laughed to myself'Dont eat the yellow snow!'I was laughing as a little boy trotted over excitedly and pointed at the yellow snow.

"Mom look yellow snow!"He bent down to grab some and the mom instantly rushed over,pulling his hand away.

"Cant you watch where your dog pees!"She barked at me and I shrugged.

"Its a public park."She huffed and pointed at a sigh that said 'No Dogs Allowed'...Oh.

"Well maybe your son should know not to eat yellow snow!"I shot back and she glared at me and then at Max, who was happily chewing on a tree.

"Hes destroying the enviroment!"She shrieked at me and I sent her a hard stare.

"Its providing him with fiber."I shot back and she huffed,yanking her son away with her."Dogs need fiber too!"I shouted after her.With that Max and I continued our way to the training place,my red hair dancing in the icy air.


As soon as we walked in I welcomed the warmth and sighed in contentment. Max huffed and then began viciously barking at the other dogs.Ah,peacefulness gone...A thirty year old lady walked over and greeted us."Hi,I'm Cindy Siberian.I'm the owner of this place.May I help you?"She greeted nicely, her brown eyes twinkled with kindness.Poor lady,Max and I are going to bring her hell.

"I need help training this fellow."I said pointing at Max who was rubbing his butt all over the carpet.Her smile faltered,but she still held the kindness in her eyes.

"Sure,it seems you'll need one of our best trainers...I'll get my son..."She trailed off and gave us a small smile,before bouncing off to look for the victim.I shrugged and looked as puppies eagerly obeyed their owners.I doubt that would ever happen with Max and I.

Cindy came back with her very attractive son. He had white blonde hair that hung in his face,partially concealing his light brown eyes.He had a chiseled,masculine jaw and his plump lips curved into a kind smile.Let me say,It was obviously forced as his eyes took Max in,who wad now growling viciously at the guy.

"Hi I'm Zay..."He greeted sticking out his hand for me to shake.I didn't.It was weird to shake somebody's hand that was around my age.He left his hand in the air between us.I lifted an eyebrow,as if saying'you expect me to shake that?'He glared at me and arubtly there was a dark growl to my right.Max sprung into the air and bit the guy right in his manjunk.

Didn't I say we would bring this place hell?


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