To Bree

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I did as Ada had told me to do. I prepared all the rooms, and then I had a brillent idea. So once I was done with the last room I walked down to my fathers study and knocked on the door. 

"Come in" said a vocie from inside. I opened the door and walked over to my father's desk. 

"Ummm... Ada.... I was wondering, since you put my in charge of forgein affairs, to make the guest feel more at home, I was wondering if I could go to Bree and get some supplies." I said. 

He looked up from his writing at me. "You may go," he said. I got excited and went to leave the room "but you must be acompanied by someone." I thought of who I could bring.

The first person to come to my head was Aragorn, but I didn't want o take away any time between him and Arwen. Then Merry and Pippin came to mind. "I'll bring Merry and Pippin." I turned to look at my father and I could tell that wasn't who he would have choosen.

"Very well you may go." He said. 

I ran out of the room, and ran down to the kitchen to where I knew Merry and Pippin would be, and sure enough there they were. 

"Merry, Pippin how would you like to join my on a quest." I said trying to make it sound more exciting then it really was. 

"Where would we be going?" asked Merry. 

"We would be going to town to pick up some supplies, and if you come with my I will get you something there." I said. 

They both agreed and I said that we would be leaving in the morning. I walked upstairs and ran into a hard object. 

"Omf" I said "Sorry" I looked up to see Aragorn staring down at me. "Oh, hi, I almost forgot you where here, since I never see you. " 

"Where were you going in such a hurry?" He asked looking down at me suspiciouly. 

"Oh, I have to get ready for my trip tomorrow." I said. 

He stepped down unto my step. "Where are you going?" He asked raising an eyebrow. 

"I'm off to town to pick up some supplies for the guest." I said proudly.

"You're going alone?" He seemed sceptical. 

"Not exactly, Ada made me bring someone." I said looking down at my feet. 

"I would be more then happy to acompany you" He said. 

"I know but I thought you and Arwen would like to spend more time together. So I asked Merry and Pippin" I said. 

"Tell me how that goes" He said. 

I walked up to my room determined to get a good nights sleep. I walked in and put on my sleeping gown, and crawled under my covers. I quickly fell asleep. 

I woke up the next morning and got dressed. I grabbed my money pouch off my dresser and went down to the stables. 

I got out a white wagon and hooked up Hebethy and antoher white horse. Merry and Pippin walked out. 

"How much food should we pack?" They asked.

"Two days worth." I said. So they walked back inside and got the food and loaded it up and I sat down in the front and prepared to leave. Ada and Aragorn came out to wish us off. 

"Are you sure you don't want me to come?" Aragorn said. "If you were attacked I don't think Merry and Pippin could help much." He turned to them and they were already fighting. 

"I can handle it" I said cooly "I do know how to fight. You know I'm the one who taught you how to shoot a bow and arrow, and I was the one who taught you the basics of sword fighting." 

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