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Pen Your Pride

My name is Chloe. Chloe Mae Sugg.
I'm 14-years-old ( 15 in 24 days!! ) and if I could describe my personality in 1 word, I would say shy. I feel very uncomfortable talking in front of my class mates at school and even in front of my parents ( when they decide to listen to me ).

My life sucks.

I barely have any friends at school except from Kate Foster, my BFF. I've known Kate since we started Nursery together and being chosen to play the angels in the school Christmas play when we were 4. I don't know what I would do without Kate. She's the only one I can talk to and I know that she will listen and take in everything I say and comfort me when I'm down. I wish she could be my sister instead of the ' Youtube Phenomena's ' Zoella and ThatcherJoe.
Zoe and Joe NEVER talk to me. It's like they pretend I'm not there. Like I'm just a shadow. They never vlog when I'm around and have never mentioned me in any of their videos on Youtube. It's like they're ashamed or embarrassed of me. Embarrassed to show the face of their little sister Chloe to the globe. My family want me to not become famous and be UNKNOWN by the world...
And another thing is, I DONT EVEN LOOK LIKE EITHER OF THEM! They both have browny dark hair and I have really blonde hair and I really don't understand why!

But who cares about those two, right?

Obviously, there are some ups and downs about not being liked or being ignored by your family, but to be honest with you I like having my own little room to myself and having my own privacy without having my mum coming in and out of my room to see if I'm alright. And, plus, I have Kate to talk to. I, personally, don't need anyone else at this stage of my life. I'm going to meet new people in the future to support me even more than Kate does now and slowly, I will grow out of not needing my parents help for anything. I mean, I am going to be 15 in 24 days and I'm bound to meet some kind of 'special person' soon to support me. But the main thing is that...
and that's all that matters most :-)

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