Chapter 26

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Sophie's P.O.V

The 6 of us had just got back to the house to find a note on the floor. I opened it. I burst out crying at what it said. "What's the matter Soph?" Aston asked me. I walked over to him and handed him the note and hugged him tight, knowing his reaction would be the same as mine. He burst out crying too.

"Guys, what's up?" Mark asked, with his beautiful sky blue eyes, wait what?
"Read this." Aston said passing the not to Mark, Reesh, Jay and Marv. Mark's eye filled with sadness and the other three, their eyes were filled with anger.

Marv read it out in disbelief. "It says 'To Maria's little friends. This might be the end of it all. The end of JLS, your friendships, the memories and that "boyfriend" of Maria's, Aston Merrygold. You will all suffer slowly but painfully. I will slowly kill each of the Smiths before you 6. Remember the memories and moments as they are your last and remember memories of Jenny, Katie and Maria. Sorry this is what it came down to. Oh wait... I'm not sorry. Yours truly Jamie.'." A tear fell down Marvin's face.

Wow. I had never seen him cry before. I can't believe my best friend, her sister and her mum are going to die because of some idiotic psycho that can't get over the fact that Jen had children and he is still in love with her in some weird, impossible way... and us 6 are next? "How could someone do such a thing?" I asked, crying some more.

Mark out his arm round my shoulders. This felt nice. I took advantage of it as this might be our last time all together as friends. I snuggled into his chest as I cried. "Its ok. We will get them back." Mark whispered to me. I looked up and smiled. It was so obvious he still loves Maria.

Aston's P.O.V

Heart broken is the words to sum up how I feel. Maria went missing and a threatening letter. What more could happen? I picked Blue up and sat on the sofa, cuddling him. I was just hoping they were all ok. Jamie doesn't know what's coming to him!

Maria's P.O.V

Katie and I were singing JLS "Close to You" as it reminded me of mum, Katie and Aston and my friends and reminded Katie of me, mum and her friends and JLS. We were near the end when Jamie walked in again. "Stop that racket. Your giving me a headache." he growled. "Tough!" Bad move Katie.

"I detest JLS. They should all go out of business and die." Jamie said, smirking. I really hate this guy. "Your saying that my boyfriend and 3 of my best friends who are making their way in life, with amazing voices and dance moves and everything, to go die because you don't like our family? Shows how low you are!" I exclaimed, which was a bad thing to do.

A really bad thing! "Right. I will make you suffer." Jamie strode out the room and came back with mum in a chair and he dragged it into the room. "Mum." Katie and I shouted. She was tied up and her mouth was taped shut, like ours were. "I'm going to make you watch me beat your own mother." he replied.

My mouth was wide open in shock and disgust. Just as he was about to hit her I shouted "You said you loved our mum, why are you going to hurt her?" He turned around and faced me, tears welling up in his eyes. "I... I felt so hurt when she never told me about you and the fact she was pregnant. I would have made a great dad." he replied sitting on a chair in the corner of the room.

"A great dad? Are you serious? Your beating your child and the mother of you child up. Does that sound like a great dad to you?" I was so hurt at the fact he thought he would make a great dad. "I'm sorry." he mumbled. I walked closer to him. "Sorry ain't gonna cut it mate. You show us some respect or the police will be involved and we'll have you in prison." I threatened.

I think I got some sense into that small brain of his. I untied mum and we walked out the building. I took my phone and everything else he took off me. I texted all of JLS, Soph and Mark the same message, just in case one of them doesn't get it. I made a group chat.

6 amigos😜
Me: Hey guys. Just to let ya know we are all ok. Now on our way home. We put Jamie straight and hopefully he will not harm any of us again. See ya soon xx

5 minutes later...

We walked home and walked in the door. "Oh no!"


What's the "Oh no!"? What have they found out?

Hey this chapter was hard to write but I am enjoying writing this but I might finish it soon. If you want me to continue please comment ideas and the best bits of the story and vote and follow me. Thanks lov ya.

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