16 - Star Witness

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 16 - Star Witness

"Well, this explains how you met Kade Fallon." Doc slides a can of Coke in my direction and I am thankful. The talking has made my throat dry.

I take a few swallows. "I think he was the only person I ever entrusted with the truth. Even later, he was closer to me than anyone."

He narrows his eyes. "Do you think he had a crush on you?"

I shake my head. "He never made a pass or gave me any indication he was interested in me that way. I think I reminded him of his sister and it raised some kind of protector instinct in him. Besides, he was way too old for me."

"But you two became close after you were released from the hospital?"

"Yes. He was the one I called when I was desperate. He always had an open ear, gave me advice if I wanted to or not. Sometimes, I followed it but more often I didn't.  With time, we became friends and I started to rely on him more and more."

Doc's smile is mild. "You do realize that he is the star witness against you in this case?"

How could I ever forget? In the end, he betrayed me big time. "Sure, doc. I read his statement."

"How does this make you feel?"

Like I have no one left in this world besides my dad who can't comprehend what I did. "He told the police the truth. I would have never expected him to lie so I guess I'm OK with that."

"No hard feelings against him at all?"

I hated Kade Fallon. He abandoned me when I needed him the most just like everyone else. I would likely not even be here if it wasn't for him.

"Not at all," I grin, keeping the tone of my voice even. My lawyer was very clear not to show any animosity against the prosecution's main witness to anyone.

"Well, that's very admirable," doc admits. "If my friend got me in so much trouble, I would be furious."

I gaze at him blankly, not wanting to admit how much I agreed with his words. My fingers drum lightly on the table but otherwise I am proud to have full control of myself. Deep down, I'm raging. The DA was going to offer me manslaughter in juvenile detention but after Kade opened up his big mouth, the charge jumped straight to aggregated 1st degree murder in adult court.

He squints at me. "So why did you call him the night of the murder?"

Good question. I needed a friend, someone to help me to break free. I couldn't do it on my own but Kade turned his back on me. When he refused to listen, he only left me with one option. I really had no other choice.

"I'm not sure, doc. Maybe I had hoped he would react differently and show his support."

"Well, you weren't on the best of terms at the time," doc points out.

No, we weren't and Kade had any right to be angry. After all, Brent almost destroyed his career and I landed him in jail. But I was frantic, begging for his help and all he did was reject me.

"Truthfully, doc, I don't really want to talk about Kade. My lawyer said that he is not relevant to your assessment."

That was really bending the truth but hopefully would get him off this touchy topic but just as usual, he is stubborn. "Oh, I believe your phone calls to him are very relevant to your state of mind at the time of the act."

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