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After the sports festival ended Izuku went up to the Boar Hat Tavern and sat down. "Hello Izuku how was your day?"Elizabeth asked him. "Well I won the sports festival so that's a strong point" Elizabeth smiled and hugged him before handing him a piece of candy to which he happily took. Soon the rest of the gang walked into the room and congratulated Izuku oh his win. "Congrats Izuku but your not on my level yet" A drunken Ban yelled in Izuku's ear. The boy pushed Ban away and grabbed a piece of bacon from a pan and ate it before standing up and walking to his room.

The next day the students sat in the classroom wondering of today's activities while Izuku sat feeling off for some reason. The boy ignored the feeling and watched and listened as Aizawa talked about internships along the results of the sports festival and how the results directly affected the internships. Aizawa then started to pass out boxes filled with paper as Midnight walked in. "Today you will be choosing your heroine names and Midnight here will be helping you by critiquing your names and offering suggestions". The woman in question stared the class down before passing out white boards. "Write your heroine names here and show them to the class" She instructed as the class got to work. One by one the class revealed their heroine names either being accepted and complemented or denied and critiqued.

Izuku wrote down his name and showed it to the class as Midnight gained a huge grin. The board read out his hero name "The Hero Of Many Sins:Izuku Midoriya". The class cheered for him and Midnight nodded in approvel. "Now that's on hell of a name" She said aloud. Finishing that they opened the box of internship requests and noticed how Izuku had the most which was a bit odd. "Since Izuku you know won and everything many people wish to have him as an intern. Izuku looked over the offers and decided to intern with Mirko and prepared his hero costume to go meet her.

The boy arrived at the train station and sat on the bench waiting for the woman she was interning with to arrive and give instructions. As he was scrolling through the forbidden app (Link to my account in my bio...oh god I sounded like jake paul I feel sick) and laughing at some of the stupid shit that was posted the app. Mirko arrived noticing the green haired boy in a hoodie on top of his hero costume and walked behind him intent on scaring him before catching wind of his phone. She stood behind him looking at the contents of his phone and silently laughing going relatively unnoticed. That was until she saw on piece of the content and laughed loud and hard. Izuku jumped up and saw the person he was training under letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding in. "Nice to meet you Mirko-san im Izuku Liones" Izuku said holding his hand out for a shake. She shook his hand and they embarked on the train heading to the place she would train Izuku.

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