Bella's POV

Last night was the best. We all woke up at 10. I started making pancakes and all the girls came running down stairs. "What do you want to do today?" Rose asked "Can we have another girls day" Nat asked whining "We should ask the guys" Alina responded "Hey girls, nice pjs" Nash said "Like I said yesturday, get your own girlfriend" Nat said, then going over to Trevor and kissing him. "I know that you two are dating and shit, but please PDA to a minimum" Nash said "Jelious much" Nat said, the kissing Trevor again. "I agree with Nash, it started getting disgusting when you were having a make out session in the kitchen" Cam said.

We ate breakfast and Rose asked "Can we have another girls day please?" she asked almost begging JC "Sure babe." "Bella, can I talk to you?" Jacob asked me. I followed Jacob outside. Me and Jacob talked for a bit, the we both came back in and we all the girls went upstairs. "So what was that about?" Lola asked me "I kinda have another date tonight, but it's really nothing and he told me not to dress up." "So what are you gonna wear?" "I don't know, I might just wear jeans and a t-shirt" "So what time is he picking you up?" "4" "What do you want to do to pass the time?" Nat asked "We should just hang up here, avoiding the guys as much as possible" I responded "Lets just talk" Rose segested.

We talked for a while about anything, then we started talking about our relationships. Nat was starting to look nervous "you okay?" I asked her "I guess I have to tell someone sooner or later." "What is it? You can tell us anything." "Well, I think I am developingfeelingsfornash" Nat said really fast "What?" Andrea asked "She says that she thinks she is developing feelings for Nash" I explained "but I really like Trevor, I don't know what to do" "I think you should continue dating Trevor. If the feelings grow come talk to us" I said. 

We continued talking and just having a great time intill I checked my phone. "Shit I have to get ready, its 3:30" I took a shower and did my hair in perfect loose curls. "Guys I don't know what to wear" I said freeking out because I have 5 minutes. "Here wear this" Rose said going through my suit case. It was high-wasted shorts with a 'hug me brotha' crop top. I got changed "you look great" Alina said "thanks" There was a knock on the door. 

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