Chapter 2: Business Relations

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                                                                                  Chapter 2

                                                                         Business Relations


"Alright, give me two more Cyn, come on Cyn two more!" My trainer coached as I hit my last two burpees.

Once I finished I rolled over on my back letting the sweat drip down the sides of my face. I had been in the gym for two hours doing my usual Thursday workout. 

"I hate you Jeff." I mumbled. 

"Yea, whatever you love me for kicking your ass like this. Now get up." He instructed grabbing my hand, and pulling me up to stand. 

I began pacing back, and forth trying to catch my breath as Jeff just laughed at me. He always thought it was funny how beat I was after his workouts, but I ain't find it amusing not one bit, but I really appreciated Jeff, because without him I'd still be the same fat ass from a few years ago.

"So what you got planned for today Cyn? You still going to your mom's for dinner?" He questioned leaning up against one of the machines.

"Yea, imma go over there after I go look at this house." I explained.

"Oh really now? Who's it for?" 

"August Alsina." I smiled.

Jeff's eyebrows perked up as a smirk came across his face. 

"Oh really now? The guy your always telling your mom to stop talking about when he comes on the radio?" 

"Yea that one." I smacked my lips grabbing my towel, and water bottle before heading for the gym doors, with Jeff following behind me.

My mom, and Jeff stayed talking about  August every time he came on the radio. Talking about how he couldn't actually sing, and he's a horrible rapper, although he wasn't a rapper at all. I would stay defending him for the simple fact that I loved his music, and thought he was actually really talented. Sure he kind of had a little temper to him from what I've been hearing about him, but when speaking with him the other day he seemed like a pretty nice guy, so I'd have to see how this little business deal pans out.

"Oh boy, So how is he, is he as bad as the media makes him out to be?" Jeff questioned as we approached my car, and he opened the door for me allowing me to slide in.

"You know I don't speak about my clients like that. All I can say is he's been very professional so far. Now good bye, I'll see you Sunday."

"Yea, yea you get out of here. Oh, and don't forget to make that green smoothie I was talking about!" He shouted as I closed my door.

I nodded, and waved at him as I pulled out of the parking lot heading home.


"Well if it ain't my favorite successful black bitch after Oprah, what's up Cyn?" Bambi questioned as I walked up to the table that her, and Keyshia had gotten outside.

I laughed pulling her into a hug followed by Keyshia before taking my seat at the table, and scooting in.

"Not much really. What you heffa's been up to?"

"Same shit, different day." Bam sighed looking over her menu.

"Well not for me. A certain someone asked me out yesterday, and I agreed." Keyshia smiled.

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