Femboy Hooters

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As you can probably tell from the title, this one will be interesting lmao

Michael works at the Femboy Hooters. Of course, the sign outside doesn't say Femboy Hooters on it because the rich straight men that live in the area would have a stroke about it. 

Michael leaned against the bar and sighed. 
"What's the trouble bubble?" The bartender, Rylan asked. 
"Today is going by so slowly," Michael sighed. 
"Tuesday afternoons aren't the busiest of nights," Rylan said. 
"I've noticed," Michael said with a smile. Michael has worked at FBH for two years now. The day after he turned eighteen, he applied. 
"How about we sneak off for break?" Rylan suggested, leaning forward to whisper in Michael's ear and Michael shivered a little. 
"And what do you suggest that we do?" Michael asked. Because it's three pm on a Tuesday, there are only three people. The two of them and the cook. The two customers just left. 
"I suggest, that if you'd allow me to, we sneak off to the supply closet and I help you out of your pretty little crop top and slide those itty bitty shorts off of you. Slide my hands around your skin, get you all hot and bothered and then make your afternoon not so boring," Rylan said. 
"Th-that sounds like a good way to spend an afternoon," Michael said, trying to ignore the little problem in his shorts and the sudden colour of his face. Rylan smiled to himself once he noticed the mess that he's made out of the poor boy without even touching him. 
"Looks like I've succeeded in making you all hot and bothered," Rylan smirked and Michael looked at Rylan over his shoulder. 
"What are you going to do about it?" Michael asked innocently. Rylan's demeanour changed and dragged the shorter to the desired location. 

"You really make it hard to tease you, you know that?" Rylan asked before using his body as a cage to keep the other against the wall. 
"What do you mean?" Michael asked tilting his head to the right a little and his blush still evident on his face. 
"You either respond like the innocent little angel that you are or it goes right over your head," Rylan said, looking Michael up and down. 
"Oh?" Michael asked. 
"May I kiss you?" Rylan asked and Michael nodded. Rylan lightly pressed his lips to Michael's to test the waters and as Michael tried to figure out how to respond, Rylan just took him over. Michael hasn't been with anyone sexually in a while. His body count is a whole of two. Rylan grips Michael's hips and Michael hands over control. After his shirt hit the floor, Michael's nipples got teased and any little touch would bring noises from the smaller. Nips and licks and kisses had Michael weak at the knee. 

"Shorts. Can they go?" Rylan asked while panting. 
"Y-yeah," Michael replied and then his shorts were around his ankles. Rylan located a bottle of olive oil that was on a shelf and as he reached for it, Michael dropped to his knees and the sweet angel stuffed his mouth with Rylan's cock. Rylan groaned and looked down at the little ginger between his legs. 
"That look you have angel, the one that you're using right now to look at me and see if you're doing a good job, is too innocent to have a dick in your mouth," Rylan said and Michael got an idea. He pulled back and rubbed Rylan's dick slowly as he spoke. 
"Oh yeah?" Michael asked. 
"Mhm," Rylan replied putting his hand on Michael's head. Michael licked Rylan's tip and then slowly worked it into his mouth to then he was getting to where he was before which was only about half of Rylan's length. Micheal looked up at Rylan with the most innocent look he could muster and while holding eye contact, took the rest of Rylan into his mouth, forcing Rylan's tip into his throat. Micheal moved his gaze downwards to make it easier on his throat. Michael had a pattern of sucking in the first little bit in his mouth, to licking Rylan's tip, to taking him deep in his throat and it was driving Rylan mad. Rylan pulled a flushed Michael off his dick and looked down at him. Rylan walked backwards until his back hit the opposite wall and slid down so then he was sitting with his feet on the floor, one knee up and one stretched out in front of him and holding eye contact with a confused Micheal. 
"Are you going to sit there and look all pretty or are you going to come here so I can fuck you?" Rylan asked and watched with a pleasant look on his face as the boy's face got redder and he crawled his way over to Rylan's lap, leaving his little orange shorts behind on the floor. Michael sat on Rylan's lap as Rylan put a bit of olive oil on his hand. 
"Are you okay with this?" Rylan asked, looking at Michael. 
"More than okay with it," Michael replied. Rylan kissed Michael's neck. 

Michael gasped as a finger slid into him as Rylan kissed his neck and started to slowly thrust in and out of him. 
"You know how you teased me with your mouth by going like this?" Rylan asked, imitating Micheal's earlier moves but more fitting for the area. Rubbing around Michael's entrance with his fingertip, then alternating between pushing in as far as he could with his finger and moving around in Michael's warm body, to just his first knuckle, to all the way in and back out. 
"I'm going to fuck you like that. Work you up until you're begging me to go faster or harder and then I might give into your pleas or I might not," Rylan whispered and Michael rocked back on Rylan's hand. Rylan claimed Michael's mouth and made sure that Michael wouldn't forget the kisses as he added a second and then eventually a third finger. 

"Mm, p-please," Michael asked, pulling away from Rylan for air. 
"Please what?" Rylan asked leaning against the wall, looking up at Michael and using his fingers to shallowly fuck Michael. 
"Please fuck me. Ah~" Michael moaned as Rylan pushed his fingers in him again. 
"As you wish," Rylan took Michael's right nipple into his mouth as he rolled a condom on and switched as he got himself lubed up. Rylan put his hands on Michael's hips as Micheal seated himself on Rylan's tip. Rylan and Michael both made a little noise. 
"Y-you're wider than your fingers," Michael commented and Rylan smirked. 
"I can't have you completely stretched out beforehand, that takes the pleasure of slowly taking me in and lowers it," Rylan said as he applied a light amount of force on Michael's hips making him sink down slowly. Michael gasped as he felt himself stretching open wider for Rylan's cock. 

"Ah~ that feels so good," Michael moaned. 
"I'm glad," Rylan replied and started working out his promise. Micheal was aware of the pattern and enjoyed the slight edging that went with it. Rylan would fuck him nice and deep and then shallow while rubbing his dick and sucking on a nipple. Rylan sunk deep into Michael another time and Michael whimpered. The pace was an agonizing pace. Not fast but not slow. 

"Rylan please, faster," Michael moaned. 
"And why would I do that?" Rylan asked. He enjoyed the feeling of being inside of Michael. Tight, soft, warm. Absolutely perfect. 
"Please?" Michael asked with big puppy dog eyes and Rylan used his thumbs to rub on the inside of Michael's thighs and stilled. 
"How could I say no to that face?" Rylan asked and got Michael to lean back and put his hands on the floor behind him near Rylan's knee. 
"May I ask why?" Michael asked and Rylan smiled. 
"You'll see," He replied and started slowly thrusting into Michael and he hit a spot that made Michael twitch and gasp. 
"I don't want that spot yet, I want in here," Rylan said and brought Michael's hips closer to him and Michael tossed his head back. 
"Oh my god!" Michael moaned and Rylan looked at the little bulge in the boy's lower abdomen where the tip of his dick was poking. Rylan pulled back enough to stay out of that area for now and went back to fucking Michael right against the prostate. Michael bounced on Rylan's lap and Rylan did his best to go as deep as he could without going into his abdomen again. Until... 

"I'm so close! I am just about to ah~" Michael said and Rylan took the opportunity to slide back into where he was and Michael wiggled and squirmed as Rylan chased his own orgasm while rubbing Micheal's dick. 
"It's too ah, it's too much!" Michael moaned as he teetered on the edge of cumming. 
"Then that, should do you," Rylan said fucking him hard and deep one last time on the word, that, and Michael burst in Rylan's hand. Michael leaned up again and grabbed onto Ryland's shoulders and dig his nails into them without thinking as Rylan milked the poor boy and found his own release in Michael's twitching hole. 

They sat there a minute together and then they cleaned up and they went back to work. 

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