•Chapter Fourteen• A warm welcome...

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Kimberly's Pov -

The Italian streets where absolutely beautiful, nothing like I had ever seen before. I felt like a child in a candy store as I gazed out of the cars tinted window, widely grinning at everything I could see.

As the silver limousine drove along the busy road, we passed extremely unique cafe's, and huge vintage looking buildings. I rolled the window down slightly to listen to the slow Italian music—it was being played by a man with a guitar, he was sat on a wooden chair in the corner of the street. Even the people walking around looked so pretty and elegant.

"First time in Italy?" The voice of Anton filled the car, I had only just met him the second we hopped into the limousine—the seats inside the long car where opposite each other, both me and Luca sat on one side and Anton sat opposite us. He was very well put together, with light brown hair that was gelled back and a pair of grey eyes. He was wearing a expensive looking black suit, with a red tie. His nose was a little crooked and his lips where an average size, although they did look like they needed a little chapstick from the dry state they where currently in.

"It is" I nodded my head while looking over at Luca, to see that his eyes where fixed onto his phone.

"What do you think. It's very beautiful, no?" Anton continued, making me look back over at him.

"It's more than beautiful, everyone and everything looks so elegant" I couldn't help but look out of the window again, a small smile resting on my lips.

"Si, I see you will have no trouble fitting it" As soon as the those words came from Anton's mouth, I felt Luca's hand grip my thigh, my whole body tingling from his gentle touch.

My eyes flickered to his large hand, then to him. But his eyes where not on me, they where on Anton. I looked between them both, a smirk resting on Anton's face with his eyebrows raised and Luca just stared back, his face showing no emotion, as usual.

The strange tension was cut short when the limousine came to a stop. My eyes left both men, to look out at our location—and when I tell you my jaw dropped...this home was the biggest and most beautiful I had ever seen. I thought Luca's house back in California was huge, but this! This was like a whole freaking castle.

It was shaped almost like a square, with very pale walls. Gold patterns and even statutes where attached to the mansion—Large windows, lots of them and each of them had pretty blue shutters. There was a very long trail of stone steps, leading up to the home. Green plants resting on the tops of the steps, this mansion looked like it was fit for royalty.

I must of been staring at the giant masterpiece of a house, for way to long because the car door suddenly flew open and Luca stood, his arm stretching out

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I must of been staring at the giant masterpiece of a house, for way to long because the car door suddenly flew open and Luca stood, his arm stretching out.

My hand latched with his and he tugged me a little, helping me step out of the limousine—but when he let go of my small hand, my body missed his warmth. Shaking my head, I ignored the strange disappointment I felt and gazed back up at the house, following Luca's footsteps.

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