Chapter 7

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The crackle and pop of the floor boards beneath her feet brought her heart to aching jolts against her chest. She shook with fright and was frozen in place as she looked up into Andrews frightful gaze. He begged her to come closer but, she couldn't move. Another pop and creak was met with her scream and the breath mixed with fright left her lungs as she dropped.
She watched as Andrew lunged for her and missed her finger by a second, shouting her name in a cry.
She was falling and it was surreal because her surroundings was changing. She no longer saw her friends as she spiraled out of control. No longer able to scream or breath her body went numb, she could not hold on any longer and she let darkness claim her as a tear escaped her eye.

The jolting pain from her body and the eerie quietness stirred her. Slowly she opened her eyes. Sprawled on the floor on her back, she looked up at the ceiling above her, around and slowly sat up letting out a soft cry.
She felt the pain throughout her body and braced herself for more of it as she slowly stood.
"Mimi and Andrew," she could be barely call out their name. Her throat raspy and with pain called out their names again.
Panick struck her like a low blow as she turned to look up and saw the chapel...different...
She was sure it was different.
Confusion and pain set in more evident than ever.
Slowly she looked down and bent to look in her bag. The slow rumble of thunder began and she quickly searched her bag. Where were they?

She pulled her phone out and looked at it.
May 26, 2014

"Damn it!" She huffed tossing it back in her bag.

Kneeling down she tried to remember what happened. She remembers the shouts and the fall but what happened after that?

The loud rumble and clap of thunder broke her concentration and she looked up and noticed it was raining. Another rumble came but, not from above. Alert,  she put her hands to the floor and felt the vibration getting stronger.

The sound of voices behind her quickened her heart.
Finally they came back. She breathed with relief.
The doors flew open and quickly she stood and called their names.

"Andrew, Mim.." she skidded to a halt.
Fright gripped her heart as tall muscular men one by one entered through the doors and stood before her.
Her heart raced as she looked at them all. Her eyes passed over each one and she noticed they were all dressed in..Medieval wear and weaponry...

She stepped back.

The one before her, the tallest of them all turned to look at the ones at his side, nodded and they withdrew their swords and left.

Confused at what she was seeing she looked at all of them.
She watched his hands go to his sword and she swallowed hard and watched him come closer to her.

Why were they dressed this way?

She flinched as he spoke.
"Who are you and why are you here in my chapel?" he boomed.

Nervously she fidgeted and stepped back from his heated gaze.
His chapel!
Oh great they trespassed on private property!.
Swallowing hard she looked up at him and his brows furrowed.

"I am sorry we were riding along the countryside and we stopped near the forest and we saw your chapel. We didn't know anyone owned it." She spoke softly.

She panicked when he stepped closer.
He towered over her and looked down at her.
"Who is we? I don't see any one else here but you." He said.
His deep voice was low but powerful.

He waited silently for her to continue. Nervously she licked her lips and looked up at him.

"My friends, im here with my friends Mimi, Andrew, Carl and Jonathan. There were others, but they didnt stay they left."

Impatiently she waited for him to respond.
"Have you seen my friends? My cell is not getting any signal and I cant reach them," she said.

He frowned. " I have not seen your friends and I do not know of this cell signal you speak of."

She skeptically  gave him a side glance and rolled her eyes upward then laughed.

"Ok, I get it." She beamed. "You guys are doing one of those medieval reenactments!" she snapped her finger and giddley smiled.

Turning she immediately bent to pick up her bag and turned to face them.

"I'll just get out of your way and go look for them outside," she insisted.

"Your not going anywhere," he stood before her.

Puzzled she stared at his face then she smiled.

"Did Mimi, Carl and Andrew put you up to this?" She turned to look around.

"Alright you guys the jokes on me, y'all can come out now," she spoke out loud.

He turned to look at his men as they scowled and shook their heads. She was an odd girl with a strange tongue and manner of speaking.

She called out their names again and looked as if she were getting frustrated.

"Come on you guys, give it up. Im not feeling too good, im in pain and I want to head back to the hotel." She said.

Blowing out a frustrated breath, she began to leave but, he stepped before her.

He watched as her eyes slowly looked up into his and she nervously looked away.

"I have to leave, I need to find my friends," her voice was shakey.

He stood before her and a sense of warning grew over her.

Something wasn't right.

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