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New Light by Xnthelion


When I opened my eyes under this pitch-black water, I already knew the whole earth was destroyed-what I didn't know was that I discovered a completely different world under the ocean, miles below the earth.

It shone in a faint glow of mild blue from where I was slowly descending, sinking deeper into the abysmal trenches and nearer to the bright city (at least, I assumed it was a city at first, or perhaps my mind was desperate for an oasis that anything would do). Everybody knew humans would've suffered from more than sinus pain or a ruptured eardrum this deep under, but I guess now that land civilization was no more, I guess it was high time to suspend my belief.

I gravitated ever so gently towards the city, bubbles of escaped breath gurgled in the corner of my vision. How was breathing even possible without the proper gear? Again, I couldn't be bothered. I had lost count of the days I had been aimlessly swaying underwater, certain I would see the death god Antulya any moment now.

Eventually, my eyes drooped, and I heard Antulya calling me to the underworld.

"Sir? Are you alright?"

I perked me eyes open, blinking desperately for visual stimulation. Certainly I wasn't dead...yet.

A peculiar young man leaned over me with worried eyes, a trail of teal shimmer streaked across his face down to his neck and...were those gills?

I jolted up, and understood that maybe he wasn't peculiar after all.

For my own legs had turned into a tail.


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