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It was mid morning until Ada turned to me and Arwen. We both looked down with concern in our eyes. "Will he make it?" I chocked out scared to hear the answer. He nodded. Arwen and I both let out a deep sigh of relief.

Arwen walked toward the door. "Where are going?" I asked.

"I'm going to get the others," She said smiling.

"Be careful." I said taking a seat next to Frodo's bed. I grabbed a cloth and wipped the sweat off Frodo's face.

"Felicia," Ada said turning to me "You must stay here and watch over Frodo, you must put that stuff on his wound every 5 hours." I nodded. He got up and left.

I watched over Frodo night and day. Three days passed until Arwen and the others came. I watched as they trotted in on horses. They all came in running.

"Frodo," said the stout one. He looked up at me "Is okay?" The other two hobbits nodded wanting to know.

"Yes, he will be fine" I said brushing back some hair from Frodo's face. "He just needs rest, you may stay if you want, but in the meantime I can show you to your rooms." They all nodded. I got up and I walked out. "You three hobbits will be staying in the same room, and you" I said motioning to Aragorn "You are in your room." He nodded.

We walked down into the room next to Frodo's. I opened the door and there were three beds in there. "This is were you'll be staying." They placed their stuff on the floor. I smiled, and got ready to walk out.

"Umm... Miss" I turned to see the stout hobbit "Thank you" I smiled.

"It was pleasure." I said walking out "Oh," I said turning back "You three are welcome to look around if you would like, and the dinning hall is just downstairs." They all turned to eachother. I smiled and walked back to Frodo's room.

Later on that day the stout hobbit walked in and got a chair and sat on the other side of Frodo's bed. "What's your name?" He asked.

"I'm Felicia, and how about you, what's your name?" I asked.

"I'm Samwise, but you may call me Sam." He said.

Just then the other two hobbits came in. "Hello" said the red-haired one.

"Hello, I was just talking to Sam, so what are your names?" I asked as they sat down on the edge of Frodo's bed.

"I'm Pergin Took" said the red-haired one. "but everyone calls me Pippin." I then turned to the shorter one.

"How about you?" I asked.

"I'm Mereodic Brandybuck" He said "but everyone calls me Merry."

"Sam, Pippin, and Merry" I said going over what I had just learned. We talked for awhile about what happened.

They told me about how they got attacked by the Nazgul at WeatherTop. I listened intently as they spoke. They also told me about how they knew Frodo. Both Merry and Pippin were related to Frodo in some way, and Sam was Frodo's friend and garderner.

A couple of days past and most of the time I was in company of Sam. Merry and Pippin seemed to explore a lot. On the 3rd day after they arrvied I heard a loud screeching side outside. I got up and went over to the balcony.

I looked over and saw a giant eagel with a injured Gandalf on it's back. I turned back and ran to the door. "Watch over Frodo I'll be right back" I said to Sam.

I ran to where the eagel was and helped Gandalf get down. He seemed very weak. "Gandalf what happened." I said wide-eyed.

"I... need... your father" He whispered. I turned to the eagel and told it to stay. It nodded. I ran to my fathers study and saw him at his desk.

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