Chapter 19

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I shuddered at the thought, and quickly changed the subject.

"So, will you be at the wedding?" It felt like a really bad question knowing there really aren't that many people here anyway to attend.

"Are you kidding? I'm the best man. I couldn't miss this day if my life depended on it.  Don't get me wrong but. It will be heartbreaking." He giggled girlishly and then quickly turning around realising how he sounded.

"Uhh, I got to go get changed, wouldn't want to be late." He quickly stumbled out of the room, leaving me and now a confused nurse walking into the room.

"Uhh, miss? Where have you been?" She stammered looking at my dress, "Never mind, I must say you look beautiful. Ha, I guess you didn't really need me in the first place."

I looked down at myself and then looked back in the mirror and sighed. The servant obviously noticed and quickly hushed me.

"Don't worry, you look wonderful. Trust me. Oh... And by the way. What was Dan doing in here?" Crap. Her questioning look was searching my expression for answers that I wasn't giving. I didnt answer her immediatly. I jus stared at herr beautiful human self. She was so lucky. I think. 

"Oh, he was just checking to make sure I was almost ready." I wasn't entirely lying, and she didn't think much of it.

"Ok, if you say so. Are you ready to go now?" She was picking up the end of my dress, assuming my answer was yes. So I just began walking out and into the hallway. We walked down the hallway and I followed her strict directions that led us to two large doors. I was actually shaking with nerves. A wedding is supposed to be nerve wracking. So you can imagine this being a hel of a lot worse than that. 

This is it. Behind these doors will be my new life. Was I ready? Too late. The door was swung open by the servant that was hiding behind the door looking at me.

Everyone had turned and was now staring at me. I hated attention! I stood deathly still until I was nudged forward by a very impatient servant. I quickly took a hold of myself and began walking down the aisle. I kept my gaze on the floor all the way, not daring to look up. When I reached the stand and was standing looking at Felix I could tell he was having the best day of his life and I wasn't about to ruin it for him. I stood there looking into his eyes a fake smile spread across my face.

I will try to make him happy even if I hate doing it. As much as hated him I wouldn't ruin the day his been waiting for, for his whole life.

We went through it pretty fast, it was a bit different to a normal wedding, but it was pretty much the same. The vowels were sweet, well mine wasn't I had to think of it on the spot because I completely forgot. It wasn't very romantic, but Felix seemed happy. Occasionally I would spot Dan standing up the front looking quite happy at Felix but every time he glanced at me his face would change from being happy to looking sad. I knew it would be hard for me but I never really thought about him.

By the time we reached the part where we kissed I had completely zoned out and was in a daze looking around the room. I felt someone tapping me on the shoulder and I snapped my attention back to Felix who had his arm on my shoulder.

"I will repeat, you may kiss the bride." The priest announces as Felix leans down and kisses me forcefully. And I know it's silly but I think I almost blushed. We pulled apart and looked back at the priest.

The rest of the service past quickly and soon enough it was coming to an end. People began leaving, until it was only me and Felix left. Great, now I can show how angry I am for not telling.

"Why didn't you tell me, you can't exactly marry someone who doesnt even know." I started off calm yet the anger grew on my insides. "I mean, what ever happened to getting down on one knee and proposing?" Ok, now it was starting to reveal it's self. I spoke with as much attitude as I could grasp onto. 

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