random friday in march

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It felt as if only seconds had passed since she had been staring out the window at the orange and yellow sky. She had opened her phone for one second to check the time, and when she sat back up and looked out the window, the sky was pitch black. Only a short distance away, on the road behind her backyard stood a lamp post, bringing a soft artificial glow to the road below it. The desolate road was illuminated every 35 meters by a lamp post, exposing bugs that were too occupied to realize they were walking into a light.

    Although it wasn't raining, she felt like it should be raining. Even without closing her eyes, she could imagine the coolness of her room as the rain poured outside. There was a soft tapping on the window and the drain on her roof poured water onto the spot of dirt below her window. It didn't rain often, and in very small amounts. Every now and then the community would be unlucky enough to endure a day of flooding and rain, but it was never as bad as the people claimed it to be.

    But it wasn't raining, and no matter how bad she wanted it to rain, it wouldn't.

    The song changed and she found herself transported back into the rainless present. The soft purple glow of her LED lights seemed to fit perfectly with the mood of the song; upbeat, happy, and in love. It took her back to a time when a carnival or fair held her heart's attention. Once a year, in August, her town held a fair. She went the first year she had moved there, but without anyone to go with, it hadn't been fulfilling.

    Now, if she were to go, she promised she would go at night. She would go with her friends, people that were too far for her to invite. She would maybe smoke a blunt with them before going, if they were down. They would sit in the parking lot, far from the entrance, all the doors open so they can avoid hotboxing. They would sit, relaxed, listening to soft music, the kind that makes you want to fall in love. Their laughs would fill the air around them, followed by them trying to quiet each other.

    If they had decided to get high, they would enter as a group, laughing about something they wouldn't remember later. They would laugh at each other after entering, saying the others "weren't slick" or were "obvious as fuck". Or maybe it wouldn't be like this at all, and she was just hopelessly sad.

    This is the part where she begins crying. Or, wishing she could cry. This is the part where she pushes her feelings away and has nothing left to say or think about.

    After they entered, they would eat and ride the rides. They would run into people from school and eat with them. They'd talk, follow people around, flirt, take pictures, and eat. They'd joke about stealing from the ticket booth, or prizes. They would walk around, listening to people's screaming on the rides, and be in a simple state of bliss.

    At some point, they would sit on the tables, drinking smoothies and eating a plate of fries. All on their phones, a few would be messaging people, others would be looking through their social media, and the remaining would be looking through the pictures from the day. Someone would scoff or laugh or say something about someone else, and a conversation would spark about other people. They would talk about themselves, people the whole group knew, and people they had never even heard of. Their unbreakable bond would make the conversations never fade.

    Towards the end, they would drive home, but stop somewhere to eat first. Maybe more pictures would be taken, and maybe they would be posted, but there's no way to tell.

    It feels like a lot of time can pass in a second. Especially time that's value can't be put into words.

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