Chapter Twenty Nine-"I was hoping it would"

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~Dedicated to special moments in life that last forever~

Chapter Twenty-Nine

It was one of those moments where everything was going wrong. Was I being transported back to the day where every one of my senior class laughed at me because of Matt? The answer to that was not only simple, but it was painful and only made my eyes sting even more with tears. I stood on the pavement, unable to speak because I didn’t trust my sobbing voice and shivering slightly from the cold night air in front of Sean who had stopped his bike to scan my face.

I felt horrid. It was like all this popularity transformation had been for nothing. Dave had cancelled our date but in the process he had crushed my whole confidence levels which weren’t that impressive to start off with in the first place. I felt stupid and alone and all I wanted to do was run home to Mr Wiggles and burst into tears. Not that I wasn’t crying at that very moment. I must have looked like some distressed teen from those cliché movies about that nerd trying to be a popular girl.

“What happened to you?” Sean asked, prying me away from my depressing thoughts.

I swallowed a lump which seemed to clog my throat painfully, before I answered, “Nothing, I’m fine.”

Sean cut off the ignition before he made his way towards me. Frowning, he took hold of my hands in his and looked me in the eyes. I sniffled slightly before realising that me being brave and pretending that everything was okay; was not something I could keep doing anymore. I wasn’t confident, I wasn’t brave or even that cool. Heck, I couldn’t even speak to boys properly and most of all, I was a failure of a girlfriend.

“You’re a bad liar Lanter,” Sean replied softly before he rubbed my arms and asked, “You’re cold?”

I nodded slowly and didn’t protest when Sean slipped off his signature leather jacket and pulled it around my shaking shoulders with a tight smile against his lips. He reached forward and ran a finger under my eyes, wiping away any traces of tears. Tilting my face up, he inspected my face once again before smiling only this time it was a genuine smile. Dropping his hands to mine, he pulled me into a warm hug allowing me to inhale his strong musky scent.

“What did Dave do?” Sean asked as he held onto me.

I felt my shoulders slump as I heard Dave’s name and the tears sting at my eyes again. Why was I even crying? This is my fault. All of this is my fault. If I had just spent more time with Dave instead of spending my time with Sean and pretending that Dave was fine with it then none of this would be happening. I would be happy, I would still have… A lone tear rolled down my cheek and I wiped at it quickly before pulling away.

“He…uh…” I trailed off, trying to think of an excuse but decided against it, “He cancelled the date.”

Sean’s eyes narrowed before he replied in a cold tone, “Did he call you before?”

I glanced down at my shoes then replied in a defeated tone, “He texted me.”

Sean’s grip tightened slightly around my fingers before he turned around and led me to his bike. I squinted in the dimness of the night before reluctantly accepting Sean’s hand as he helped me onto his bike. He slipped on his helmet over my head before clipping it securely and gave me another tight-lipped smiled then slid in effortlessly in front of me. Waiting until I had securely tightened my arms around his hard-muscled torso, Sean revved the engine and before I knew it we had taken off into the night streets.

I could feel the air soaring past us as Sean sped up and weaved in between a few cars causing adrenaline to pump through my body and my heart to beat faster. I felt like I was spinning out of control with my life finally plummeting into a mass of chaos as Sean came to stop in front of my house that was now empty since my mother was with Jeff and I was supposed to be staying with my father. But the thought of even seeing Amanda at a time like this made my stomach twist uncomfortably.

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