*Slash* ..::The Brothers::.. [12]

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Everyone stared at Alana. What dirty little secret could she have possibly discovered while rolling around on the floor with Vienna? Did she have a penis or something? No, Caleb would surely have noticed that... I winced. I didn’t want to think about that.

 ‘And what would that be?’ Vienna sneered, but she was holding the phone in her hand without dialling regardless.

Alana raised an eyebrow. ‘You seriously don’t know?’

‘I have no idea,’ Vienna snapped, putting one hand on her hip. She wasn’t the only one to have no idea.

Alana made a face, pulling her own mobile out of her pocket and messing about on it for a few seconds. When she held it up to show it to Vienna, the colour on the other girl’s face drained. ‘You’ve been hiring a prostitute for the past God knows how long. Do you really want the world to know about that?’

On the screen of Alana’s phone was her Twitter page, which read, ‘Can’t believe @ViennaFriendly hires prostitutes lol patheticus maximus.’

Vienna’s face was pale. ‘Nobody will believe you,’ she choked.

‘They will if your new “boyfriend” happens to get arrested for – oh my! – prostitution.’

Since when was my best friend so scheming? Like, seriously. I must remember to never mess with her, ever. A quick glance around the room confirmed that everybody else was thinking pretty much the same thing.

‘In fact,’ Alana hissed, ‘I might post it anyway.’ Her finger hovered dangerously over the “Select” button. ‘You messed with my family,’ her hand slipped into mine, ‘my friends-’

‘That’s us,’ Peyton interrupted, gesturing to himself and Jayden. ‘We’re not related to her.’

‘-and my crush,’ Alana finished, which actually caused Rain to blush a little. The twins looked disappointed.

‘I get it,’ Vienna said quickly, backtracking. ‘I’m sorry. I’m a bitch. I’m sorry.’

Alana smiled. ‘No honey. You’re not a bitch. You’re a wannabe. I’m a bitch. And you’re gonna be sorry you ever chose to fuck with me.’

She pressed down on the button as Vienna’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped open to shout, ‘No!’ Biting her lip furiously, she started pounding on her phone.

After a second Vienna looked up at Alana, frowning. ‘It’s not there,’ she said quietly, confused.

‘Yeah. Now get the fuck out or I’ll post it for real.’

Vienna stood rooted in place for a second, then grabbed her bag and bolted for the door, but Alana caught her arm before she could make good on her escape.

‘Just a second,’ my best friend said coolly. ‘I think you owe Caleb something in the region of, what?’ She glanced at Caleb. ‘About €4,000 should get Aiden through his first year in college, right?’

Caleb stared at her, then nodded dumbly.

‘€4,000 then, if you have it handy,’ Alana looked back to Vienna, arching an eyebrow.

Vienna twisted her face into an expression of disbelief, but duly pulled her chequebook out of her purse and wrote a hasty cheque. She handed it to Alana, but snatched it back as she reached to take it.

‘That’s it?’ she asked warily. ‘No more?’

Alana smirked. ‘If the police show up at any point don’t think I’ll hesitate to out you.’

Vienna nodded, defeated, and handed the cheque to Alana, who let go of the other girl’s arm. Vienna left quickly, and the sound of her politely asking Charles to send the car around was heard before the door shut behind her.

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