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Chapter Three| Leona

I step into the lift and turn to face the doors. My eyes widen as I spot Dario making his way over to the same lift I'm in.

"Shit, shit, shit." I mutter, frantically tapping the button so the doors close. A sigh of relief escapes my lips when the metal doors shut, I rest my head against the mirror.

However, I furrow my eyebrows when the doors open again.

That was quick.

Quick because it didn't even move. Dario walks in with a smug look on his face and goes to stand next to me.

"Miss Goodwin." He greets me, still staring ahead at the closed doors

"Mr Tahan." I awkwardly cough, staring down at the folders in my arms.

"You in a rush?" I feel him staring at the side of my head so I shake my head. "Seems like it."

"Well I'm not." I pout my lips, still avoiding eye contact with him. I check to see if we are at the twelfth floor but mentally groan when we stop at the tenth.

A load of people step in and I find myself stepping to the side, right in front of Dario. I bite my lip and mentally scold myself when my arse brushes against him.

I jump when he leans down to whisper in my ear. "You're very short, Miss Goodwin."

"I'm five foot eight, wouldn't exactly say I'm short." I whisper harshly. "Shouldn't be such a giant; what are you, six four?"

"Six, six."

Fuck me.

I'm thankful when the lift reaches my floor and I push past people and exit the confined space. I take a deep breath and smile at Daisy as I walk past her, I watch as her eyes widen at something behind me.

I turn around and look up at Dario.

"You're on the wrong floor." I raise my eyebrows at him. "Now I've got a meeting with a potential business partner so if you could not waste my time today that would be appreciated." I give him a tight-lipped smile and turn back round and make my way to my office.

I can feel him following after me so I quicken my pace. I walk through the clear double doors and close them quickly, locking them and then I lower the blinds. My head turns and I spot Ben sat at his desk staring at me with wide eyes.

"You okay?" He questions.

"That fucking man!" I grit my teeth and point at the glass. I peak through the blinds and watch as he winks at me and takes the time to look around.

"Who? Mr Tahan?" He lightly chuckles and I roll my eyes. "He is fit, you have to admit. I'd jump on him with Jaxon." He smirks and I sigh.

"Don't let him in!" I point my finger at Ben, giving him a stern look.

"I can feel the sexual tension between you two." He fans himself and I roll my eyes at him.

"Shut up!"


I finish my meeting and exit my office, yawning.  I look around the area and release a sigh of relief.

"I got you some lunch." Ben speaks up and I thank him, taking a seat in front of him.

"Life saver." I smile as I bite into my sandwich.

"Did you know Dario is a billionaire?" I nearly choke on my sandwich. "He has multiple businesses around the world in construction and he even has his own suit brand."

"Good for him." I nod casually and Ben laughs at my blunt response.

"Leona, you have a billionaire chasing after you!" Ben exclaims.

"I don't care if he's a billionaire, Ben. I have my own money and as far as I'm concerned he's just an arrogant idiot." I scoff. "He'll give up soon."

"I think he's quite nice and charming." Ben shrugs. "He looks like he could give you a good dicking down."


Daisy soon walks in holding a black circular box.

"For you, Leona." She smiles and I thank her and take the box. I place it on Ben's desk and open the lid to reveal another bunch of roses except this time they are black with one gold one in the middle.

"I have had enough." I put the lid back on, pick the box up and stand up, making my way to the lift. I aggressively hit the button and step in, pressing the button for the thirteenth floor.

I soon make it to his floor and the doors open and my eyes widen at the black interior. I step onto the black marble floors and look around in shock. I spot a receptionist and make my way over to her, she looks me up and down and rolls her eyes.

"Where is Mr Tahan?" I question her and she raises her eyebrows at me.

"Are you stupid? You need to make an appointment with him, you can't just come in and request him when you feel like it." She rolls her eyes and goes back to typing on her computer.

"Through there, thank you so much." I give her a sarcastic smile and walk through the double doors.

"Hey!" I hear her yell but I slam the doors.

Dario looks up from his paperwork and his eyes widen when he spots me. I walk over to him and drop the box onto his black wooden desk.

"You alright, princess? Wasn't expecting to see you." He smirks. "I see you got my flowers."

"You need to stop." I tell him. "What the hell do you want from me?!"

"I told you, a date." He casually shrugs, resting back against his chair, an amused look on his face.

"And I told you no." I retort and he chuckles standing up to his full height. He makes his way over to me and I jump a little when he reaches up to tuck a strand of hair behind my ear.

"One date." He pouts his lips and I continue to stare up at him, shocked at his bold moves. His brown eyes stare down at me and my eyes wonder over his facial features and I can't help but love his perfectly groomed beard.

Fuck he is attractive.

"Come on, princess." A small smirk etches onto his face.

"No." I whisper but I can't move away from him.

"Yes." He whispers back, stroking my cheek with his thumb.

I gulp and then step back.

"No, have a good day, Dario." I straighten my back and storm out of his office.

That was too close.


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