Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 

Meeting an old enemy

Alice POV

As soon as we entered the house, Jasper and Emmet went and got both girls in their arms and went inside the house. They were about to put the girls in different rooms but I got up and stopped them. 

"Put them in the same room otherwise there will be cayuse in the house in the morning" I told them. They nodded and went upstairs carrying the girls to the spare room we have. I still haven't finished the girls room and hopefully it will be done by tomorrow.

I went to the family room and sat down. Everyone was already at their place and it looked like Edward and Carlisle were having a conversation.

"Does anyone have any idea why I couldn't read their minds?" asked Edward after he and Carlisle finished their conversation "and why I couldn't see them" I added. Everyones head turned to me and Edward. 

"you mean that you couldn't see the girls future?" asked Esme. I just shook my head and Bella looked to be deep in thought.

We kept up the conversation until morning when we heard a sudden movement from upstairs from the room the girls are in. Emmet was about to move when I shook my head. He looked at me questionably and I just signaled him to be quiet. 

"It's the girls. I'm guessing that Crystal is looking for Elena or anything that can harm them. Haven't you seen how protective she is of her sister?" I asked them. They just nodded and sat still. We waited for a couple of minutes and the noise died down. 

"Ok I have to get their room finished and their wardrobe stocked so I'm going shopping. Anyone els want to come?" I asked. "Sure why not" Rosalie answered. I looked at Jasper with a pout. He smiled and nodded. I smiled and went to my porsche and got in with Jasper next to me and Rosalie at the back. I started the car and sped away.

Crystals POV

I woke up to find myself in a soft queen sized bed. I didn't remember coming here but my only thought was about Elena. I looked around the room for her but couldn't find her anywhere. I was about to get out of this room to look for her but a small movement from the bed stopped me. I went closer and was relieved to see that she was asleep. I got in with her and fell asleep again.

Bella POV 

As Alice, Rosalie and Jasper went shopping, I sat down on the sofa and thought about the girls. There is something about them that makes me think that they are not normal humans. The thing that confuses me most is that when we were at the orphanage, Elena just froze for nothing and it's like her eyes were clouded over. It's something similar to what happens to Alice when she has a vision. Another thing that confuses me is why nobody can use there powers on them. I know that Edward can't read their minds and Alice can't see their future but I couldn't even use my shield. Well actually, my shield would go anywhere but it won't go anywhere near them. I know that Jasper can't change their emotions because I saw him try in the office and I saw Nessie go to their room this morning to see if they were awake, but before she left, she tried to use her talent on them and I knew she couldn't by the look of frustration on her face. I was interrupted from my thoughts when I heard footsteps coming from the stairs. I looked up to see Crystal looking a bit lost. 

"Are you looking for anyone?" I asked her. She turned to me a little surprised. 

"Um...Yeah. Do you have anything for a headache?" she asked me. I smiled and nodded.  

"Follow me and call me Bella," I told her. She looked a bit hesitant at first, but followed me anyway. I went to the kitchen to find Carlisle. I entered the kitchen to find Carlisle talking to...FELIX!!!