Good day mga readers kong lubos kong minamahal..Kakaka.

I just want to thank you for reading this story of mine. I know that it needs a lot of correction and i want to polish it after considering all the ramification. There are a lot of mistakes in this story given with regards to grammar. Ang dami talaga.

Maybe it's because when i made this story, i always get twitchy because my readers' demand me to do so. Even when it's such a pressure, i didn't complain, because the fact that they like this story of mine, makes me feel like a grinning fool on top of a mountain.

Honestly, i'm complimented. Your heart-warming comments have penetrated deep within my system. And for that i thank you to the avogadro's number. -_*.

I love you all, and i promise, i will polish this given some time.

I've already started the sequel of this book and i must say, i'm using code-switch for it. Basically, mas marami english and again, like what happened in this book, marami ding ungrammatical dun. But no matter, i will polish it as well.

The title of the sequel of this book is, "His Magnificent Specimen". i hope you'll like it as much as you were while reading this book.

And since i'm a spoiler of a writer, i will tell you. Pervince' son with Saphire is a total beauty. I picture Markle's whole being as unhuman and as perfect as possible. I hope you can visualize how he looks like when you read the part to of HM. i assure you, i will rectify the plot more differently than this book. YOu'll love it. XD

I love you. And thanks for supporting by works!

This is were i will leave you... Take care!

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