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You sighed.

"Ugh. I'm bored." Groaning, you rolled around in the co-pilot's chair. "Don't you guys have any dejarik, or anything?"

"No." One of the Stormtroopers nudged the other, whose head was drooping toward his chest. "No chess. No Moebius. No dejarik."

The second Stormtrooper nodded. "That's right," he said, like he'd been awake the entire time. "Sorry, ma'am."

"Psh." You grumbled, plopping into your chair. "Ma'am."

It was your second day on the Supreme Leader's fancy knife-wing shuttle. Unless the two Stormtroopers counted for company--which they didn't, obviously--you'd spent the entire time alone.

And you were, indeed, bored.

Kylo Ren had stationed you here with your Stormtrooper guards without a word of where he was going or when he would be back. It had been a little over a week since you'd come under his employ, if you could call it that--and in that time, he'd fucked your cunt and throat twice each cycle. You'd grown accustomed to his attention. You didn't know why he'd bother to bring you if he intended to abandon you.

You kicked your boots onto the shuttle's control panel, and something clicked. Outside of the ship, you heard a crunch at the hull. Swallowing, you scrambled to sit straight.

"What was that?" said one. "Did you hear that?"

"It's probably nothing."

"Do you want to bet with the Supreme Leader that it's nothing?"

There was a pause. The Stormtrooper sighed. "Fine," he said. "But we're both going."

"Ugh. Sure."

Beyond the transparisteel of the viewport, the sun was settling into the horizon, spilling night into the sky. Person-sized shadows slunk into a cantina that was now twinkling to life about a kilometer from the ship. Since arriving on planet Whatever-the-Fuck two days ago, you'd noticed how starlight brought a certain ambiance and patronage to the cantina that was all too familiar. All too enticing. You were itching to explore.

"Hey," one of the 'troopers called. "Don't move from that spot."

You shrugged. "Yeah, whatever."

It was only natural when the Stormtroopers dropped the ramp to check out the exterior of the ship that you decided to slip down the slope and into the descending darkness.

The dirt scraped the soles of your boots--they were new, regulation boots wound around regulation pants from the Steadfast. And instead of the stuffy First Order jacket, you had torn a black undershirt into a cropped top. Kylo Ren hadn't seemed to notice or care about what you wore. But he was stripping and fucking you almost all of the time he spent around you, anyway.

Not that you were complaining.

As you drew closer, music tickled your ears, inviting your body to move with the beat. Your heart skipped, a smile lit your face. No, you weren't complaining, but stars it was nice to have a little variety. Maybe the Supreme Leader would be irritated when he found out, but you'd only be gone for a few hours, you were sure of it. It wasn't as if he had communicated thorough expectations.

You slid inside the cantina, smacked with a veil of smoke and the scent of excited sweat. Species known and unknown skulked through the dim light, gathered around tables in friendly, raucous rambling. Dozens of eyes glimpsed you, stuck to your figure as you stepped into the crowd--you hid a grin, puffed your chest, let them look, striding to the bar. An eager chill raced your spine as they watched, guzzling you down like liquor. You wet your lips.

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