Chapter One

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Troyes POV 

*Violence Warning*

"Stop it!" I screamed, trying to pull the man away from him. But he didn't listen. He never listened to me. I mean, why would he?  Not only was I the least intimidating thing on this planet, but I was also injured and useless. No matter how much I screamed for him to stop, he still continued to slam his fists ruthlessly into Andrews body. His face, his chest, his stomach. He was screaming, trying to fight back but not being able to...

"John, don't!" I yelled again, grabbing his wrist. This only pissed him off even more, because now he was turning to me. But that was okay....I was used to this. Just as long as he didn't touch Andrew anymore. John slapped me across the face, grabbing the front of my t-shirt. 

"I swear to god Troye, I'll kill you if you touch me again!" He spat, pushing me away. I stumbled backwards. Those words no longer affected me as much as they used to. I wasn't afraid of him. I was afraid for Andrew as John went back to beating him "If I ever see you touch him again!" He yelled, throwing one more punch "You'll be dead." 

John stood up and all I could do was stare down at Andrew with wide, teary eyes. My breathing picked up at all the blood on his face. "Andrew!" I called, taking one step towards him before John grabbed my arm harshly and drug me down the dark street. I kept my gaze on my lover, lying almost lifeless on the floor. I fought against Johns  grab "Let me go!" I cried, sobs suddenly breaking through my chest "Fucking let me go John!" I ripped my arm from his hold, sprinting down the street towards Andrew. "Oh my god!" I gasped when I reached him. 

He was an absolute mess. Laying on the ground, barely breathing and it was all my fault. All my life all I ever wanted was to find something true and I found that with Andrew...even if it was behind Jonhs back. But when you're in an abusive relationship, you change. You don't think about rights and wrongs. You just do it and that's what happened with me and Andrew. We went for it and this is what happened. "Andrew, oh my god" I cried, grabbing his hand between mine when his eyes rolled back into his head "No!" I yelled, tightening my grip on his hand "No! Andrew! Don't do that!" 

I bent my head to rest my forehead against his hand cradled between mine. I began sobbing, rocking back and forth "No, no, no, no!" My eyes searched his bloodied face as he gripped onto my hand "Andrew please hold on. Please." I let my heavy lids close, not being able to stomach all the blood "Please, I love you." 

***End of flashback***

My gripped the glass in my hand tighter before I stood up, screaming as I threw it against the bar wall. In any other situation, I would've been kicked out almost immediately. But this was normal and everyone was used to it by now. This was, after all, where I came to drown the painful memories of my morbid past. 

I fell back onto the stood, sobbing into my throbbing hands at the flashback. I was sick of this. Tired of this same routine that I tried to break out of but it was still affecting me just as bad as it did the day after it happened, it was constantly haunting me, never giving me a break. It was getting bad. 

I sniffed, rubbing my eyes and looking up at the bartender. He looked at me with a sympathetic smile, sliding another glass in my direction "This ones on me. It will help. Trust me."

I didn't say anything in return as I grabbing the glass, tilting my head back and guzzling the glass until it was empty. I closed my eyes, basking the way the sharp alcohol burned painfully at my throat. My head became clouded almost instantly as it traveled through my veins, intoxicating me further. My heavy eyes met the bartenders "thanks..." I slurred before slumping over the bar, letting it take me under. 


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