Chapter Twenty Nine

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You boarded the train, looking for any sign of Draco. He did not write to you all summer. He didn't send you anything indicating he was alright.

While you were at home, your mother was reading The Daily Prophet and when you gasped Draco's name, your mother put the paper down and threw it in the fire. Said you didn't need to know what was going on. The only words you got to see was 'Malfoy' and 'Trial'.

But what you did see was the picture. Draco's mom and Draco himself. He looked afraid.

You sat down at a seating area where most Slytherins sat. There weren't cabins but, instead, tables.

You sat at an empty table. Students came in and sat down. No sign of Draco. Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zambini came in. Pansy glared at you as she walked past. Blaise took no notice of your presence.

You were getting worried. What if Draco wasn't coming to school this year? You made a plan to write to him when you got to Hogwarts.

Then, there he was. You sat up straight and smiled at him. But your smile vanished when he glanced at you, walked past you..and sat with Pansy and Blaise.

You didn't understand. You thought he'd be happy to see you like he always was..

You rode alone. You looked out the window at the mountains and lakes.

It was beautiful.

Then your vision was clouded when a thick black smoke came in then disappeared. Draco stood up, alarmed.

"What was that?" Draco said.

"Probably just some kids pulling a prank. Come, Draco. Sit down." Pansy said.

Ugh. That Pansy.

Draco sat down at you zoned out. He didn't even check to see if you were alright...

You dreaded the whole ride. When you got there you instantly got up, heading straight for the carriages.

"Oi (y/n)!"

You turned around.

"Ron! Hermione!" You hugged them.

"Where's Harry?" You asked.

"He's probably still on the train. He should be here soon, though. Where's um.." Hermione gave you a look.

"Draco?" You asked.

She nodded.

"He um... I don't know he uhh..ignored me on the train. Didn't even sit next to me."

Hermione waved that off. "Oh, forget him. He's an idiot."

She smiled. You were able to tell that she was waiting for an opportunity to say that.

Ron shook his head. "The brute is probably going through some rough times. He'll come around."

You got on a carriage with them. At the entrance to Hogwarts, your belongings were searched. Everyone's was searched. Odd.

Probably for safety purposes though.

With Voldemort back, of course they have to take precautions. But it was kind of funny. It's like they expect him to pop out in one of the suitcases like 'ELLOOO I AM HERE BITCHES.'

You slapped yourself mentally for thinking of such unlady like word.

....but it was still funny.


At dinner in the Great Hall, Draco walked in alittle late. Miraculously, he sat next to you. Pansy and Blaise were directly in front of you both.

However, Draco was zoned out. He didn't make fun of first years or even speak to you. Not even a hello.

Harry walked in much later, with a blood stained white cloth.

You suspected Draco had something to do with that.

"You should eat something." You told Draco.

He didn't look at you. He just continued to look at the table. It was like you were invisible.

Dumbledore went to the altar and presented the new potions professor, Proffesor Slughorn.

Wait, potions? What about Snape?

Then you learned Snape was transferred to Defense Against the Dark Arts.

He finally got his dream job.

After that announcement, Dumbledore sent everyone to bed.

You walked with Draco. You tried to hold his hand, but he snatched it away.

"Okay, what is wrong with you!?" You demanded.

Draco looked at you for the first time all day with the blankest of all blank expressions. Then he walked faster, leaving you behind.

That night you went to sleep, haunted by the way Draco is acting with you.

You worried that he was ill or someone in his family passed away.

But whenever he was ready and he needed you, you were ready for the job. Very much prepared.

But you didn't deny that it hurt you. Cause it really did.

All you hoped and prayed for that night was that the next day was going be normal. For Draco to be his normal self and for you to be happy.

Sorry for the short chapter, I'm fighting sleep. Goodnight, loves.

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