Living Again~ Twenty-Six

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The first day of school ended soon. Staying away from Ethan wasn't too hard because we don't have many classes together on Mondays. The only time I crossed paths with him after our little meeting in the store room was when we  went to hand in the history project we had worked on over the summer. 

During lunch he would sit again with his usual friends, Brianna, Tyler and the whole gang. I did notice that their 'gang' wasn't as big anymore, Rebecca and some others sat separately. 

Now that I was much more social, I managed to talk to Hannah and Hailey, the sisters who I used to share the dorm with. They're both really nice, I sit with them in classes and during lunch. I had to admit, if I was still living in the dorms it would be awesome to spend all day with my new friends and even Brianna, and of course, I wouldn't admit it but the best part would be that I would get to see Ethan more often since he has moved in to the dorms too. The only bad thing would be that Rebecca would be there. Maybe it was worth giving it all up just so I wouldn't have to see Rebecca's stupid face every morning. 

So today was great. Tomorrow, however, would be completely different. Ethan and I had ALL the same classes. Crap.

I didn't have transport back since my all friends lived in the school dorm and Joe couldn't leave work just to drive me back. I sighed. The school didn't have its own bus, so I knew I'll have to take the local one. The bus stop was right outside the campus which was very convenient. Now I know this will make me sound like a brat, but I never really used public transport, since I was the only child, one of my parents was always there to provide transport. 

I hugged my friends before making my way to the bus stop. 

"Are you sure you don't want us to come with you? We really don't mind, we can show you how to use  the bus." Hannah said. Hailey nodded in agreement but I just shook my head and gave them a reassuring smile. I waved them off as they  left to their dorms, since it was the first day they had to get there as soon as  possible  so their rooms are assigned and confirmed for the next semester. Which meant Ethan would be in his dorm or in the administrations office by now. 

I sat at the bus stop, fidgeting with the folder in my hands. A couple of cars passed by but no bus in sight. There were no students probably because they got to the bus stop fast, instead of chatting with their friends like me. I'm so stupid. I had heard that a bus passes by every 20 minutes. Damn this was going to be a long wait. I was SO tempted to text Ethan. Even more I wanted to call him and hear his voice. But I stopped myself  and took out my iPod instead. Just as I was plugging in my earphones, I heard a car beep.

I looked up and there was a silver sports car, it was convertible. I didn't know much about cars but damn, this looked classy. I had never seen it before so I frowned, taking out my headphones as I looked at the driver's face. He looked familiar. Where had I seen him?

"Hey, you!" I heard him say and I raised my brows, he laughed, "You don't remember  me, do you? I'm Luke, Brianna's friend? From Tyler's party?"

Oh! I smiled and got up and walked towards him, "I remember you now! Nice car by the way."

He grinned. This boy was really good-looking with the sandy blonde hair covering his forehead and those brown eyes. Of course, Ethan was gorgeous but don't blame me for being biased. He interrupted my thoughts, "You want me to give you a ride?"

"Um, well I was waiting for the bus.." I said looking at the very pathetically empty road.

"It could take forever. Come on I really don't mind, you're Bri's friend so you're my friend too."

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