Will you be my Girlfriend Artemis? (Wally and Artemis Story)

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Artemis was in living room there the team hangout after a mission and she sat on the coach she had nothing to do then her phone went off she takes out her phone and looks at it, it was Wally he was texting her

Wally: Hey Arty

Artemis smiled

Artemis: Hey BayWatch

Wally: What are you up to?

she looks around the room

Artemis: Nothing really just bored out of my mind everyone is gone maybe its cuz its like a couple of days before christmas maybe, what about you?

Wally: Same here all my family is out of town for today Hey Arty?

Artemis: Ya?

Wally: Would you like to go out maybe for Dinner with me tonight?

Is he asking me on a date? Artemis thought to herself

Artemis : Um sure Wally I'll go out to Dinner with you

Wally: Its a date then pick you up around 8 pm

Artemis smiled

Artemis: Ok see you then

Artemis got up and started dancing around Megan was behind a wall where Artemis could not see her

Megan smiled at her best friend almost like her sister dancing around

I never seen her this happy before its so sweet something must have happend to make her this happy

Megan thought

"I should go get readyfor my date" Artemis said to her self runninghome

A Two Hours before Wally comes and picks her up

Artemis was brushing her hair putting it up in a ponytail Artemis looked at her self

"I can't believe i hated Wally for so long and never saw that he really liked me well the say that he kissed me on New Years I never thought that he would really like me that much maybe he is the one that i have been looking for.. " Artemis said to herself and looking at a photo when she first met the team and Wally

A couple of minutes before 8 Pm

Wally knocks on the door and Artemis looks at herself again to make sure she looks alright she puts on a little more lipstick looking at herself one more time then opens the door

Wally looks at Artemis with a smile

" You look beautiful Artemis ready to go? " Wally says to Artemis

Artemis smiles at him

"Thank you Wally and Yeah I'm ready where are we going? " Artemis says to Wally with a smile

Artemis gets her hand bag

"you'll see" Wally said to her

Wally holds the door for her and walks with her to the car and when they got down to the car Wally opens the door for her with a smile on his face

A minute later

The car stops then Wally gets out of the car and opens the door for Artemis

"Where are we?" Artemis asks Wally

"Like I said you'll see" Wally said to Artemis with a smile

Wally and Artemis walks down a hall and Wally holds the door for her

"Oh my Wally " Artemis said looking around

"Your table is ready " the girl says to them with a smile

Both of them nodded and they walked to the table

Wally pulls out the chair for Artemis she smiled at him and sat down

~ a hour later after dinner ~

"Thank you Wally for the dinner and taking me out" Artemis said to Wally

Wally smiled

"Anytime Arty hey I wanted to asks you something " Wally said to Artemis

"Sure go a head " Artemis says to him

Wally takes a deep breath

"Artemis I really like you " Wally says to her stepping closer to her

" I was wanted to ask you this for a long time now... Will you be my girlfriend? Artemis" Wally added

Artemis smiled and nodded yes

"Yes Wally I would love to be your girlfriend " Artemis says to him with a smile

Wally hugged Artemis and she hugged him back then Wally leans in closer and he kisses her they maked out for a couple of minutes and after that they smiled at each other

~ 5 years later ~

Wally and Artemis were walking down to the park after dinner Wally looked at Artemis with a smile and she smiled at him too he held her hand and she did the same

"Babe" Wally said to Artemis

"Yes?" Artemis says back to him

"Remember this spot?" Wally asks her

He stops walking and her did the same

"Yes I do" Artemis says to him

"We're you asked me to be your girlfriend " Artemis added

Wally nodded and pulling her closer to him

"I can't believe it's been 5 years now.." Artemis said

"My best years that I had in my life with you " Wally says to her

Artemis smiled

Wally leans in closer to her

"Happy 6 years anniversary Artemis " Wally says to her with smile on his face

Artemis smiled

" happy anniversary Wally" Artemis says to him with smile still on her face

He leans in closer and kissed her

After they kissed for a couple minutes

"I love you Artemis " Wally says to her

"I love you too Wally " Artemis says back to him with a smile

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