I finish my lessons with Linda and join Niall's twitcam for a few minutes and then leave to get myself some food. I grab a Gatorade and a bag of Martin's popcorn and head into the living room to pig out.

When I get there, I find nobody watching TV. I run back to my room, turning around to keep an eye on Niall so he doesn't stel my food. I grab a stack of DVDs and run back. I put in Clannad. I've never seen this one before.

As soon as I press "Play", Harry runs into the room and flops down next to me.

"What are you watching?" he asks excitedly.

"An anime called Clannad," I tell him. He loses his excitement and starts to get up. I frown.

"What? Anime hater?" I question, popping a few pieces of popcorn into my mouth. He shrugs.

"Everyone's told me it's weird and it sucks."

I nearly spit everything out of my mouth.

"What?!" I roar. I grab Harry's shirt. "Just watch one episode with me, okay? If you don't like it, you can go."

He gives in and sits next to me and we watch the first episode.

And the second.

And the third.

All the way to the end.

"Still think it sucks?" I inquire, putting in Clannad Afterstory. He shakes his curls and smiles at me.

We curl up on the couch again and start to watch Afterstory.

That was the first time I'd ever cried in front of Harry and the first time he'd ever cried in front of me.

After it ends, he asks what's next. I bring out Death Note and we get through 12 episodes before we run out of time.

The boys and I grab our stuff and go into the hotel. I get a room to myself while the boys have to share. I get on the laptop and see if any other bands are around here. I find out that Blood on the Dance Floor is here and I smile.

I grab a stash of money that I've earned and tell Niall that I'm heading out to their venue. Niall asks to go with me and I give him "the look".

Nevertheless, Niall and I go to a BOTDF concert together. How awkward.

Dahvie runs out onstage and I scream along with hundreds of other girls and boys. Jayy follows.

"Ahoy motherfuckers!" Dahvie yells into the mic. We all go insane. "This first song's a classic!"

Just like that, one of the most awkward moments in history occured. They started singing "Sexting".

I could feel a pair of eyes on me. Niall's. I refuse to look over at him. One does not simply look Niall Horan in the eyes while surrounded by fangirls screaming the lyrics of "Sexting" along with the band. A few more seconds into the sound and my composure is gone.

I'm yelling the lyrics along with almost everyone else. After the song ends, I get a few high fives and stuff. Niall is mortified.

"Tried to tell you," I say with a shrug. He rolls his shoulders back and tilts his head.

Finally, they get to my favorite song: Clubbed to Death.

I flip the freak out and scream the lyrics at the top of my lungs. Niall seems kind of impressed, and I try to ignore him and focus on the words so I don't screw them up.

After the concert, we get some McDonalds and head back to the hotel. Did I mention papparazi was everywhere? They got pictures of Niall and I together too. Rumor city, everyone...

We get back to the hotel finally. My fears are confirmed when I log onto Twitter to find people calling me names such as a "slut" and "directionwhore". One tweet sticks out.

"Choose which direction to go in, slut. Don't hog Harry AND Niall, dumb cunt."

I frown and decide to reply, just to prove I'm not taking hate lightly.

"There's only one direction for haters and it's away from the boys. I'm not dating either of them so calm your tits."

After that, I get spammed with mixtures of hate, support, and fangirls rolling on the floor laughing.

"We have our first concert tomorrow, and you're coming along," Louis informs me. I look up at him and he crosses his arms.


"Since it's public, management says you have to be done up by Lou," he adds.

"They're like the Capitol," I mutter under my breath. Louis raises an eyebrow and smirks.

"You got it?"

"Yeah. Thanks, Louis."

He smiles and leaves the room.

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