Chapter 56: Johanna

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I moved into my new room, with a thirteen year old! She's nice but I would rather not be rooming with her. She acts a lot like Prim, who's strong but shy. 

I have taken to my normal schedule since it's the only thing they'll let me do. I only skip on course, Biology, because of all the water and electricity that don't mix well with me. Usually I will just hide away in my room until my next class and it seems to be boring.

"Ms. Mason" I hear a familiar voice call from down the dark hall. I turn around and see Coin standing there boredly. I walk up to her slowly and she smiles genuinely.

"We're sending you to go see Katniss and Peeta in battle" she says, well demands, and I nod happily. We walk to her office and she checks some files on her tablet. She nods to herself and I sit in a seat awkwardly. She smiles down at me a couple times and a man leads me to the launch pad. Surprisingly enough I don't fear men, not like Clove at least. 

"Do you have anything you want to bring? A good-luck charm or anything?" the man says making me feel a little darker and sadder. Of course I don't have a lucky charm. I shake my head and the man leads me onto the hovercraft with some more soldiers. I sit there awkwardly and we fly for about an hour.

"Okay move out" the man says and we all obey. I see Katniss and Peeta walking towards the hover-craft curiously. I hug Katniss and Peeta quickly and they lead me to one of the tents where they're staying. It looks roomier indise than out but still kind of small.

"You can take this cot" Katniss says boredly. We sit down and I try to go to sleep. I can't, but I still act like I can because I can tell Katniss and Peeta want their alone time.

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