Corruption of vah rudania

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Message from the author:Vah rudania won the vote.

You smirk at the thought of these gnats trying to stop the inevitable and you soon roar and jump off the roof of beacon and crash into the ground and begin sprinting towards Vah rudania and crushing any obstacles in your way living or dead.

Pyrrha POV: I have been tasked to pilot Vah rudania and also was to destroy beacon academy along with my team but soon Jaune points out something coming from a vale.

Jaune:Something is heading straight for us! It's destroying building after building!

Soon we see a purplish burning flame approaching our guardians ahead and completely destroying them and it threw the head of one right at ren and it barely missed him!


Soon the purplish flame jumped into the air and came crashing down fist first onto the deck of Vah rudania and it roared as it looked up at us!

Calamity ganon:(Demonic roaring)

It soon turned its right arm into a mace and swinged it at me while also turning its left arm into a spear and hurled it a Ren hitting his shoulder and we all began firing but Jaune extended his shield and charged the beast and it turned its mace arm into a flaming sword and swiped at him and it destroyed his shield!

Jaune:My shield!

Soon he was left open and the beast transformed its spear arm into a claw and impaled Jaune right in the chest and lifted him up to its face all the while growling and it began to smirk and opened its mouth and bite off his head and hurled his body off the divine beast!


I was devastated and before I knew nora swapped her weapon into hammer form and took a swing at the beast and hit it but her weapon began dissolving and the beast didn't even flinch and all it did was roar as it lifted its foot and brought it down releasing a wave of purple that hit her that instantly shatter her aura and began to eat away at her flesh and soon Ren got her up and together they did flower power but the was unaffected and all it did seemed to anger it more and ren...oh my gods poor Ren...he was completely covered in the purple stuff after he attacked the beast and was dead before he could say a word after turning to look at us....


Soon the beast transforms its arms back to normal and  summoned a bolt of lighting in its hands and threw them at Nora. To its own mistake as Nora simply absorbed it and she pounced on the beast causing it to stagger as she was in a blind fury attacking with her bare fist as she was being devoured by that purple stuff and after 1 full minute she feel to the ground dead. Soon it looked at me. Smirking as I put round and round into it to no avail and soon I'm out of ammo and begin to run away in fear but I stumble over rens corpse and grab his guns and hurl them at the beast and it grabbed my leg and lifted me up and I swear it giggled.

Your POV:You had your fun with these gnats and now have there leader in your hands and she is crying from the lose of her teammates or from fear. And soon you begin to slam her into the ground multiple times until you hear the snap of her neck and once she was dead you threw her against core of Vah rudania and soon it roared. You laugh as you place your hands on  the core and begin corrupting it as the divine beast roars in pain until it was completely corrupted and you laugh as you command it to the highest mountain of vale to snipe your next target. Those fools on vah medoh will do nicely.

Ironwoods POV:
I am aboard the divine beast vah medoh to reinforce the champions on Vah rudania and to rescue any survivors in vale when I get a recording from Vah rudania of the calamity holding Pyrrha by her legs to its face until it begins slamming her against the ground until her neck snaps and it walked up to the core of Vah rudania and begins to corrupt it until it turned purple and the camera cut out.

Ironwood:Winter! When will we and the other airships arrive?

Winter:In 1 hour.

Soon vah medoh begins screeching and brought up a shield on its own as a red laser soon aims at one of our airships and soon a purplish laser blast through it!

Ironwood:Oh no...

I soon see in the horizon Vah rudania on the tallest mountain in vale with its mouth open and its laser aiming at us...soon a bright purplish glow begins to form around its mouth as it prepares to fire.

To be continued in the next chapter....Fall of vah medoh.

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