Chapter One

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It has been seasons ago since we have been to Charlestown and since Gabriel went to war. It has been a little too quiet around the plantion and even Thomas has the desire to go out and fight for the cause. On this night though, that quiet was shattered by the echoing of gunfire and men shouting. The battle was getting closer and that meant the Red Coats, even my husband, would be getting closer as well.

It was supper time and we were all together at the table, when Margaret and the others suddenly stood up. I gazed in the direction of what the children got up to see. I was shocked to see a wounded Gabriel in his father's arms. "Abigail, water and bandages fast!" Benjamin said frantically and rushed Gabriel to a bed as Abigail came with the water and bandages. She took the children with her upstairs as I stayed downstairs to help clean and dress Gabriels's sword wound and small cuts. As he explained everything that happened and he tried to get up to get his dispatches, but his father pushed him back down onto the bed. My eyes widened when Gabriel mentioned the Dragoons. "William..." I trailed off in barely audible whisper, but both Benjamin and Gabriel heard. Before they could ask, the boom of gunfire grew louder and the battle was getting closer and closer. So close, it was literally on the property and getting nearer to the fields and almost up near the house.

Morning came and Benjamin called me downstairs to help treat the wounded soldiers that are British. As more of the wounded were brought to the porch, Gabriel walked outside. I looked up though and called out to Benjamin. "Ben, look out to the fields!" Benjamin looked up and then stood up as a British officer came up to him. "Thank you for the care of his majesty's soldiers." Benjamin nodded in a response and looked towards the sound of hoof beats, the Green Dragoons were on their way to the house. I looked up and quickly looked back back down at the soldier I was treating. "There, now rest and do not move until pain subsides." I told the boy, who looked around Gabriel's age, and got to my feet and stood with the children. That's when I saw William put his hand up and approach the porch, still on his horse. He looked around and gave the officer an order I couldn't hear and the house was going to be touched, but I wasn't able to hear that order.. He looked at me and his eyes were so cold. "Bring me the woman with bloodied pink and white dress." He ordered his captain and the soldier did as he was told and brought me to William. "Rebel dispatches, sir." The lieutenant stated and William looked angry. "Who carried this?" No one answered. So, he asked again, but he raised his voice and it made me flinch out of fear. "Who carried this?" He looked towards the porch as Gabriel moved forward. "I did, sir." Gabriel said and Benjamin looked like he wanted to say something, but decided not to.

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