(22) Love vs. Lust

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“Are you even really pregnant?” I asked looking over at Reagan again.

“Yes I am” she answered, her voice shaking.

“Whose baby is it?” I questioned wanting to get this whole thing over with.

“Josh” she replied looking ashamed.

“Why did you lie to me and say that it was Cole’s. I mean, I know you were in love with him and that I shouldn’t have told you what I did at the club but why would you lie to me about something like that? He told me that he never slept with you” I said looking at her carefully.

“You hurt me when you told me you were in love with Cole, I was angry at you and at him but I didn’t lie to you. I really did think it was Cole’s baby. He is the one lying to you, it only happened once but we did sleep together” Reagan answered looking me straight in the eyes.

I felt my heart sink in my chest, I could tell she was telling the truth from the look in her eyes. How could he lie to me so easily? How could I ever have been in love with such an asshole? Shelby squeezed my hand and I looked over at her.

“Are you ok?” she asked looking really concerned.

“I don’t know, but I will be” I replied honestly. I didn’t have a choice, I couldn’t let this destroy me. I wouldn’t let him do that to me.

I still had a lot more questions I wanted to ask Reagan but the bell rang and we had to go back to class. The rest of the day dragged by and I couldn’t get myself to concentrate in any of my classes. When the day was finally over I was relieved that I could go home but I was also very nervous, I didn’t want to drive home with Cole. I walked out into the parking lot and spotted Cole getting into his car, Conner wasn’t with him so I searched the hall for him and found him getting some stuff out of his locker.

“I’m going over to Shelby’s house to work on a project, I’ll see you tonight at dinner” I said when I reached him. He looked at me with questioning eyes, like he didn’t believe me.

“Are you sure that’s where you are going?” He asked closing his locker.

“Yip, there she is right now” I answered feeling relieved when I saw Shelby walking towards us.

“Ok but don’t be late, I’m sure mom is going to want to talk to us” he said nodding his head and walking away.

“I thought you had left” I said when Conner was gone.

“I almost did but then I saw you looking at Cole and it hit me that you wouldn’t want to be driving home with him and then you disappeared into the school so I came to see if you were ok” Shelby rambled making me smile.

“Thanks, you’re the best” I said hugging her.

“I can give you a ride home” she offered. I considered her offer but refused.

“No, you are already going to be late for you piano lesson, I’ll phone somebody to come pick me up” I replied. She eyed me suspiciously but didn’t argue. Once she was gone I sat down on one of the benches and took out my cell phone wondering if I should really call somebody to come fetch me. I could walk but it would take a while. I scrolled through my contacts and realized that I didn’t really have anybody to phone.

My mom was at work, I just declined Shelby’s offer, I lied to my brother about where I was going to be, there was no way I was asking Reagan for anything and there was definitely no way I was even talking to Cole, never mind getting in a car with him. I stopped at the one number I knew I could phone anytime and pressed the call button.

It didn’t take Gordon long to answer.

“Hi” He said on the other side of the phone sounding happy and cheerful, like he always did.

“Hi” I replied not sure if I could ask him to take off from work and come pick me up. I should have just walked.

“What’s wrong?” Gordon asked immediately. How on earth did he know something was wrong?

“How do you know something is wrong, maybe I just wanted to talk to you” I replied jokingly, trying to sound calm.

“I can hear it in your voice Gabby, you sound upset” he answered.

“I guess I am” I replied.

“Tell me what happened” he said sounding worried.

“I’ll tell you later. Do you think you can play superhero one last time?” I asked feeling like a selfish idiot for expecting him to take off from work to come and fetch me.

“Of course, I’ll always be there for you, what do you need?” he asked making me feel better, he really is sweet.

“I need a lift, I’m stuck at school” I answered feeling exited to see him again.

“Ok, I’ll be there as soon as I can” he replied.

“Thanks” I said before I hung up.

I had to wait for him for a few minutes since the ice cream parlor was in town. I was getting more anxious by the moment but as soon as his car stopped in front of me and I saw him I relaxed. He really had a good effect on me. Just seeing him made me feel instantly better.

“I’ve missed you” Gordon said as I climbed into the car. His words made my heart race and my stomach twist with butterflies.

“I missed you too” I answered honestly as I leaned forward and hugged him. He hugged me back and I felt my body melt with his. It felt so nice being with him, I could just be myself without being judged. We just sat like that holding each other for a minute or two. I didn’t want to let go but finally managed to force myself to pull away. I couldn’t waste more of his time, he had to get back to work.

“How about an ice cream?” Gordon asked smiling at me as we pulled away from the school. I considered his offer for a second but it didn’t take me long to agree. Being at the ice cream parlor with him was sure as hell better than being at my house where Cole was sure to be.

I spent the rest of the day at the ice cream parlor. Gordon had to work but spent every second he could with me making me laugh. He fed me three different ice creams that he claimed he made especially for me.

At around six he drove me home so that I wouldn’t be late for dinner. I didn’t want to go home but I figured I had to since my mom said she was going to make all the arrangement for her move today and I really wanted to know what was going on with that.

Gordon brought his car to a stop in front of my house and looked over at me with the cutest smile on his face. A shiver ran down my spine and I couldn’t help but think about how hot and adorable he is at the same time. My mom’s car was already in the driveway standing next to Cole’s. I really didn’t feel like seeing him. I wasn’t sure if I could face him on my own.

“Would you like to have dinner with us, my mom is going away soon and I would really like you to meet her” I said looking back from my mom’s car to Gordon.

“I don’t know, you’re brother doesn’t really like me much” he answered hesitantly.

“I know but I don’t care. He is going to have to except the fact that you’re my friend and that we are going to be hanging our together” I stated.

“What about Cole?” Gordon asked looking at his car.

“Forget about him, I don’t care what he thinks” I replied honestly. He can go straight to hell for all I cared.

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