Insane Seto x suicidal!reader

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(y/n) pov

No one cared. If I disappeared no one would know. If they found my body no one would go to my funeral. I don't have friends, family or a home. The care takers hate me. Know one wants a someone my age. So I ran away. My parents and sister died in a house fire. I was at a friends house. That friend now bullies me. I'm all alone. All i had was a small backpack with a few cloths, my phone, headphones, a charger and a locket my mom gave me. I always wore it. It had two pictures in it, My mom and dad was on the left and my little sister. 'She was to young to die.' I thought holding my locket. Imagine hearing you five year old sister cry for help and you can do nothing but watch the house burn. 'I couldn't save her.' I stopped I started to cry. 'That's it.' I veered off into the woods and headed to a river. I silently cried and stopped at the bridge. I sat my bag down, wouldn't need it. I climbed up on the ledge and sat down. I just stared at the deep, dark water. 'No one would care.' I opened my locket and looked at the pictures. "I'm sorry. I'll see you soon." I started crying harder. Once I calmed down I closed my eyes and jumped into the Dark river. When i hit the surface the current pushed my body down and my head hit a rock. All the air left my body as black slowly enveloped me. Before I pasted out I saw a purple shape dive into the water. Then darkness. 

=wakein up=

I woke up but i wasn't fully awake. I could hear but not see. "Come on please don't be dead." I heard a male voice say. 'What? no one cares about me. Why does this person?' I thought trying to open my eyes. I heard whoever talked sigh then I heard him walking away and a door open then close. I groaned and finally opened my eyes. I was in a dark room. There was book shelves, brewing stands and an enchantment table. I was in a comfy bed that had dark purple blankets and black sheets and pillows. I slowly sat up. 'Where am I?' I thought. The door opened and a boy about my age walked in, "Oh your awake." He had brown hair and strange eyes, pure black expert for blue irises. He had a dark purple cape with a red eye that connected it around his shoulders. It had shoulder pads, Two on each side, they were the same dark purple with golden borders. He had a lighter purple long sleeved shirt It had three bands on the sleeve, the middle one was was lighter. three stripes went down his shirt, The middle was gold and the others were dark purple. It split under the belt. It had the same red eye pendant. Then black and purple pants and shoes. (look at the picture) His appearance scared me, Especially his eyes. Its okay i won't hurt you." He said stepping towards me. "Whats your name." His voice was calming. "(Y-y/n)." I said with a bit of stutter. "well (y/n), I'm Seto." My eyes widened. "By your Expression, I'm gonna guess youv'e heard of me." He said with a bit of a smile. I nodded. "well don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you." I relaxed a bit. "I've got your stuff by the way." He grabbed it? "you do?" He smiled again, "yah, ill go get it." He walked out the door. I sat there thinking, 'why would he help me, save me? No one cares. I didn't want to be saved I wanted to die. I don't have a home, family or friends.' Thinking all those things I started to cry. I held my cried into my hands. I was crying so hard I didn't notice him coming in. He dropped my bag and sat beside me. "shhh, its alright. Everything's fine." He pulled me in his lap and wrapped his arms around me. He whispered calming things to me and let me cry into his chest. When I calmed down he asked me, "do you wanna talk about it?" I let out a sigh. "N-No one cares about m-me." He frowned, "what about family?" I started crying again. He gasped, "I'm so so so sorry! I didn't think tha-" He didn't finish. "They died in a fire." He hugged me. "My only friend, Is now my bully," He rubbed my back, "I live in an orphanage but I ran away." He frowned but then smiled, "Then stay here." "r-really?" "yah." I smiled and hugged him. "thank you." He hummed. Then i realized something, "Hey Seto?, " "yes?" "how did i get in these cloths?" He blushed a light shade of purple.

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