Chapter 1: It's Time

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- 35 Weeks Pregnant -

PHOTO: Serrina's current belly size, 35 Weeks.

Justin walked down the hallway and I peered at him over the iPad screen. He was shaking a bottle of nail polish between his thumb and two fingers, walking straight towards me.

"Did you find the right colour?" I asked him, turning the iPad off and setting it on the couch beside me, trying my best to glance over my belly at my feet, "The-"

"Reddish brown with the blue undertone," Justin cut in, smiling at me and giving his head a light shake, "I think I've got it."

I smiled at him and lifted my feet onto the coffee table, "You don't have to do this, really."

He shrugged and sat down beside my feet, lifting them up and placing one in his lap, "I think it's my responsibility," He looked up at me and smiled, "Seeing as I impregnated you and you can't do it yourself."

I laughed a little and sighed. The twins chose that moment to have a fist fight and I felt one of them kick me in the ribs. I quickly flinched and pressed a hand into the small space under my rib cage and pushed hard, trying to move the baby away from my lungs.

Justin noticed and jumped up, leaving the polish on the table and pressing his hands on my belly too, also trying to settle them down.

Ever since I had hit 30 weeks the babies had made it impossible for me to do anything. I couldn't sleep unless I was sitting up or else they pushed up against my lungs and I can't breath. I couldn't walk much because the added 27 pounds made my ankles swell to 4 times their size. I couldn't move much or they punished me by beating up my insides and putting me in insane pain.

But Meghan had said that she wanted them in for as long as possible because the longer they baked the less she would have to worry about it.

So I was told she wouldn't induce.

Justin shushed them and they seemed to settle down for the moment. As he did, the doorbell rang and I had to take a deep breath to stop myself from crying.

"I'm so done," I mumbled as he got up. I saw him watching me with pained eyes, "I just want them out,"

"I know," He whispered, bending down to kiss my forehead then walking towards the front door. I heard it open and a few voices coming in. I was still distracted by the pain in my chest when Sarah came around the corner and smiled at me.

I really wanted to smile at her too, but I was so miserable. She hadn't gotten any bigger after her 35th week and she looked so tiny compared to me, even though she was 41 weeks.

"You look exhausted," she mumbled, sitting down beside me and moving the iPad from between us.

I slowly nodded and pressed harder into my stomach. Whichever baby that was trying to relocate to my chest was being a total ass hole.

I could see her pained expression watching means I figured I should probably explain myself.

"Baby wants to migrate," I mumbled, "It hurts like a bitch." She slowly nodded, cringing as I pushed down. I felt the resistance against my hand lessen and slowly let my hand go, relaxing when I wasn't kicked in the lung, "Con of being 5 foot nothing and pregnant with twins." I mumbled and heard Sarah laugh.

"They causing you a lot of pain?" She replied. As she spoke Ryan and Justin filtered into the room behind us.

I slowly nodded and sighed, "They just won't stop moving even though they have no room." Slowly, I shook my head and ran my hands over my massive belly, "I wish they would realize that it hurts their mother."

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