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Oh my goodness guys! This is my first and probably only FanFiction. Maybe. I dunno. :3 Oh well. Here a goes. 

*The setting sun looked beautiful. It's bright orange and red rays lit up Connor's flawless face as I looked over. Almost immediately he looked back. We sat there, on the hood of his car, staring into each others eyes. My goodness. This sure has been romantic for a first date. Moments later he reached for my hand.

Crap. I know where this is going.

Without saying a word, Connor slowly leaned in, closing into my lips*

        *         *          *

    "Sofia. Sofieee. Sofia Fine"

I came out of my daydream.

    "Wha, Wait, What?"

The whole class burst out into laughter. I buried myself into my jacket sleeve to cover my crimson face. 

    "Class. Class! Really?!? I'll wait. I'll waiittt!"

They entire class went silent to the sound of Ms. Santana's irritated voice.

    "So Sofia, when was the official start of World War 2?" 

As the class looked at me waiting for my answer, I looked around. The first person I looked to was Connor. Wow. His eyes really are pretty. 
I shook my head and looked at Ms. Santana.

    "Ummm... I dunno." 

I heard a few snickers behind me.

    "Tommi, why don't you help her out."

    "OKAY!" Tommi literally yelled out.

    "Well... World War 2 started on Septemmm..."

That's when I tuned out. Great. I just humiliated myself in front of Connor. I put my sleeves over my head and kept my tears back. Of course. Right before shy me was going to get the nerves to talk to him. 

That's just great.

        *                *                * 

At home was like usual. I'd go home and go straight to my laptop. My laptop is in the dining room by the way. My mother likes to use it for some odd reason. My family... Just, odd. 

That night I had been on Facebook for my bimonthly check and I saw that Connor had changed his relationship status. That's a first. According to his group, he stuck to one girl and followed then like a lost puppy until they freaked out on him and just... Things got ugly. It was always the same. Our jocks. We have a really weird school. 

The timing couldn't be better. 

Now I can actually go around him without that little slut of the school shooing me off. She angers me. Her blond, perfect hair always cooperating with movement. Her clothes precisely put together, never out of place. The way she thinks that the worlllddd revolves around her every action. Gah. Just. I hate her. Her name? Sarah. 

Oh. And I bet you think that I at least have one good friend to talk to. I don't. I have nobody. My mom is always WAY to drunk to do anything. But of course, ALWAYS goes onto my computer. And for my dad, I don't know where he is. I've seen him once. And it wasn't even in real life. In a picture. In a bar. I have a brother too. You might think, Ohhh! She has a brother to talk to! Siblings are just sooo nice! Absolutely not. My brother is in college and is a complete jerk. Just, Gah. My life sucks. 

    "Sofffffiieeeee!" My mother slurred out.

    "What ma?"

    "Let me get on youuurrrr lappptttoppp."

    "No mama! Go to bed! You might actually wake up sober!"  

    "Okayyy!" She yelled as she passed out on the floor.

I got up and did what I did every other night. Tried to drag her to her bedroom. Then my brother walked in the door. I looked over my shoulder and said nonchalantly, "Get kicked out?"

There was a long pause.

    "Yeah. Don't tell mom."

He sounded so afraid. And... Well different. He sounded, nice.

    "She wouldn't care anyway. She's not paying for it."

    "Speaking of her, why is she on the floor?"

    "I kicked her."

    "SOFIA FINE!"  

    "HOLY CRAP! CALM YO TITS!" I paused. "I was kidding" I whispered as I secretly giggled. 

    "Woah. Where'd you get that from? Calm you tits? Really?"

I never yelled. Especially that. I got the 'Calm yo tits' thing from Connor. He made hilarious YouTube videos. I just walked away. I was done with all of this crap. 
Taking my laptop, I went into my room. Since my mom couldn't keep a good house, I had a really small room. Just enough room for a bed and some boxes. It was good with me. I set my laptop onto my bed and got myself confortable.

    "Hey." My brother said walking into my minasule room. "I hear there's a basket ball game tonight. Wanna go?"

Perfect. Connor might be there.

    *    *    *

The score stood 42 to 31 solid. The ball going back and forth our team winning. The Sand Devils. Yeah. Basketball is our main sport. That's all this town full of Navajos cares about. 

As the 4th quarter came by, I noticed Connor and his groupie of friends glancing back and forth between him and his absolute best friend, Ricardo. I looked around as a group of boys down the bleachers were snickering like always. I adjusted my striped zebra jacket and slide down the back of the bleachers and slouched. Since I had nobody with me, I pulled out my IPod cause the game was getting boring. I couldn't focus on anything very well anyway with my family and all. 
I pull up a game app from my home screen and realize the bleachers were shaking. From footsteps. Connor's footsteps.


I looked up, smiled and said nothing. I was petrified.

    "So. I hear your getting high again"

A few of his friends broke out laughing beside him. My eyes widen. 

    "What?" I say, becoming the shy me.

    "Yeah. You know. With they one girl. Kylee I think her name is".

Kylee? That one chick in my Science class? Huh. I've heard that rumor... but never about me.


    "I can help you." He said trying not to laugh. His friends were still laughing like maniacs.

Wait. Something weird is going on. I don't think I'll like this.

    "Yeah! I'll help you. Just... Uhh... With your turtle!" Right then he burst out laughing instantly in tears.

I knew it. I grabbed my only item, my Mountain Dew, and walked away from that group not knowing exactly what had just happened. I got my hopes up like always and guess what? He makes a fool out of me. Sorta. I kinda liked how he set that up. Gosh! Quit it Sofie! I walked down the bleachers and straight to the door leading outside. It was nearly 30 degrees and I just had my thin jacket. And my ride is still in the gym. Great. Just perfect.
When walking out, I happened to catch a glance back at my old spot. Connor was laughing harshly with a glimmer in his beautiful eyes that screamed 'I'm so sorry'!

I couldn't believe it. I knew he was just a jock. The high school player.

Even though he didn't have a girlfriend anymore. And I would be a perfect girlfriend. I think. I really didn't know.

I went into daydreaming as I sat down on a cold concrete wall by the edge of the awning.

He is just so perfect...


That's it! For the first chapter anyway. I think it's short. I have no idea. Tell meee! Nobody is probably gonna see this but it's worth a shot! Thank youuu! 


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