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Growing up, you and your 4 best friends were as thick as thieves.

Mufasa was the unofficial leader of the group, being the oldest , biggest, and strongest.

Sarafina, daughter of Siti, was the youngest. She didn't really like you too much, you think, but you weren't too sure since she rarely outwardly said anything against you.

Sarabi, the daughter of Raziya, was incredibly quiet yet wise for her age. She took an immediate liking to Mufasa, and was always kind to you and the others. She was almost motherly toward the youngest prince.

Lastly there was Taka; he was a very sweet young cub, but was always so easily hurt or upset. If he tripped he'd cry, and it wasn't helped by the fact that his mother babied him constantly. He was the closest to you, and always tried to stick up for you even if he embarrassed himself in the process.

There were other cubs in the pride, but you felt closest to these four.

You were sitting on the edge of price rock when Mufasa approached you from behind, tiny wisps of his red mane coming in. "Hey; Sarabi, Sarafina, and I are going to down to the watering hole right now, do you wanna come with us?"

"Is Taka coming?" You ask, making sure the young prince wasn't being left out as he sometimes was.

The blonde cub paused for a second before sighing, "I'll ask him. So will you come with us?"

"Sure!" You chirp, standing up and following Mufasa into the den. It was now the afternoon, and all the older females were preparing to go hunting. Uru was the leader of the hunting party as well as being the queen, considering she was easily the strongest female in the pride, and she felt like she was more productive this way.

Sarabi's mother saw you and Mufasa enter the den from the corner of her eye and turned to you both, placing a paw in front of you to stop you from walking further. "Heading out again?" She asked in her slow and deep voice, "Should I ask where this time?"

"We're going where we always go," Mufasa rolled his eyes playfully, "We never stray from the path that father marked."

"Good," she replies, lifting her paw and allowing you both to run over to the other cubs.

On the walk there, you walked in the middle of the line, enough to overhear Sarafina and Mufasa's conversation at the front

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On the walk there, you walked in the middle of the line, enough to overhear Sarafina and Mufasa's conversation at the front.

"Why'd we have to bring your brother?" The youngest asked, sounding annoyed.

Mufasa's steps faltered, "Y/N wanted to bring him, and I agree, I don't think it's very fair that we keep leaving him out all the time..."

"I'm sure he can find something else to do..." Sarafina whined petulantly, making you frown from behind her, "I mean, doesn't he usually hang out with your mother anyway?"

"I..." The oldest prince paused, "Yeah, I guess you're right. Next time we won't bring Y/N along either, okay?"

This made you angry, but you say nothing, only following along behind them. Sarabi was chatting to Taka behind you, and you were happy that at least she seemed to enjoy the boy's company. You were disappointed in Mufasa's behaviour.

Oh well, hopefully the watering hole is exactly the fun Taka needs to open up more.

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