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POTENTIAL PLOT: in which the main character is about to lose their significant other. their significant other is dying because of some condition or disease. the main character wants to spend every single last day with their significant other until there is no more time left.

**A/N: this is one sad ass plot and it would honestly be a romance but i can't think of any other romance plots at the moment so yea.


POTENTIAL TITLE: Reasons For Sorrow

POTENTIAL PLOT: in which a group of teens each represent some kind of mental illness. you can tell each characters story and show how they cope with their mental illness.



POTENTIAL PLOT: in which the main character is an orphan in a toxic orphanage but is about to turn 18 and enter the real world alone. due to the orphanage being so unorganized and unstable the main character doesn't have a name yet, they go by "Number #388" (eventually you can give them a name of course). once the main character does turn 18 they meet someone who is willing to take them in and let them stay for a while. the main character will soon start to wish they never left the orphanage because of all the other kids who would have to wait years before they turned 18 and could be freed from the orphanage. so the main characters motive will then be to try and get the orphanage they came from shut down so the other kids could find another orphanage to go to that is stable enough for their well-being.

the reason i put "potential" in front of title and plot is because you can really switch any of those things up, it doesn't matter to me. if you guys use these plots let me know in the comments or in private messages because i would really like to read them!

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