- 5. (tips for introduction chapters)

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~ im sure all of you know the struggle of writing the first chapter of a new book. that shit is honestly hard as hell to write. the thing that makes us so stuck when it comes to first chapter is because most of the time we have only our plot in mind, not what leads up to the plot. so to avoid this have how your character will be introduced as a side note when writing your plot.


~ so now that you have an idea of what you want your first chapter to look like now you have to make your first chapter flow smoothly into the next chapters.

~ do not rush it! writing first chapters and making them run smoothly is probably the most boring part of writing, but that doesn't mean half ass it and go right into the plot. slowly put your character into the plot.

more tips for writing first chapters

︾ more tips for writing first chapters ︾

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