A and D (3)

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Hmmm . . . Time passed by quickly. By Second Period, I was having the class with Ethan and Luke. The teacher introduced a transferee but the guys and I didn't pay attention because we were discussing the try-outs that would happen this afternoon.

By the Third Period, which I had with Annabelle, was Creative Writing Class. It was fine. We were given an assignment, though - which was a bummer, considering that this was the first day of school. Mr. D couldn't just wait to distress us, can he?

And of course, I didn't want to bother to say anything about Calculus because I didn't listen to a word in the discussion.

Was this the senior year that we had all anticipated? All the teachers were being all serious about college and lessons. . . I mean, we still had all year long to talk about college.

Geez, no need to pressure us into applying to Ivy League Colleges . . . not all of us were interested.

Without me noticing, it was lunch time - finally. I didn't have any breakfast this morning. I couldn't wait to wolf down some food.


YES!!! It was lunch break! I was starving! My stomach was grumbling all through History class. And in that kind of quiet class, a stomach's grumble can be easily heard.

It was all Aaron's fault. He hurried me to get out of bed so much that I didn't get the chance to eat breakfast. But whatever, I was going to eat now, anyway, so it didn't really matter much whose fault it was.

In any case, as I was grabbing a tray full of carbs - Buffalo wings, Hash brown, Quarter pounder, and a 'DIET' coke, I was guessing that everything that had been happening to me was just a part of fate's diabolical scheme.

In case you are not aware, I was destiny's new target to annoy. I was so touched.

Out of nowhere, someone gasped loudly behind my back. Her aura was so powerfully evil that I already knew who it was.

"Oh, my!" exclaimed by none other than the Witch - Annabelle. "No wonder you look like that!"

I instantly turned to her. She was staring disgustedly at my food. I didn't have to glance around the cafeteria to know that they all heard what Annabelle said.

I rolled my eyes at her. "What now?"

Seriously, if she was going to start teasing me about how fat I was, she was totally blind. I happen to know for a fact that I was pretty average. So, what was up with the Witch?

"Go look at yourself in the mirror, pig," Annabelle whispered to me in the most cheerleader-ish voice. "I'd like to see you eat all of that grease. If you're lucky, you might just do the world a favor and explode."

And just like that. I snapped.

"If this bothers you so much," I said with a low voice, throwing daggers at her with the use of my eyes, "why don't you blame your boyfriend for being such a morning person? After all, he's the reason why I didn't eat my breakfast this morning. That's why I'm eating all this 'grease' to satisfy my appetite."

Whoa. That was so not like me. I didn't usually say things like that.

Usually, I would've said, "I don't know what you're talking about. I don't have time for this nonsense. Can you just step aside and mind your own food?"

But I can't take it anymore. Yeah, like I wasn't having enough of a bad day without Annabelle doing her usual remarks about me.

Anyhow, Annabelle just blinked. She was probably just stunned that I was capable of saying things like that - especially to her.

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