20 ~ The Worst Of Them

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Title Credit: Issues


2nd day of warped


“Hey stranger.” I smiled at Jess, walking into the front lounge.

“Hey superstar.” She slid over a plate of pancakes.

“Oh my god yes.” I sat down and starting tearing into it. She joined me a few minutes into it, but set down two plates.

“Who’s that for?” I asked. Everyone’s been up and ready already.

“Uh…” She trailed, avoiding it for a few seconds. “Jack.”

“That’s my name, don’t wear it out.” He came into the lounge. “Oh. Hey Maddie.”

It was awkward. Very awkward. It was awkward when he sat down. It was awkward when I continued eating. It was awkward pretending there was nothing wrong. The silence was awkward.

"How're the guys?" I asked, regretting it soon after.

"Pretty good. Apparently we need to get our act together so the ol' manager put us on warped on pretty tough conditions." he cracked a smile.

"Any news?"

"Rian and Cass are getting Married."

"Really? Yay!" I smiled. "That's so awesome!"

He seemed surprised I was so excited. "Yeah, they haven't announced it yet. Not until the planning is almost done. Cass is kind of overwhelmed doing it all herself."

"I'll help." I smiled.

He choked a little. "What?"

"I can help her plan. we're taking a bit of time off after warped to do some writing; we're re releasing the album with more stuff."

"O-Oh. Okay. I'm sure she'd like the help."

"When's your signing?" Jess asked him.


"Dude we gotta go. See you later Maddie." She dragged him up, setting their plates in the sink.

"Did you call me dude?" Jack laughed as they left, closing the bus door behind them.

I don't see what the big deal is, it's just Cass. Not the other guys.


4th day of warped

Alex's POV


I wasn't in the mood for fans today. I've been too depressed to do anything. Instead I'm wandering around behind the buses, where nobody would flock me. I get near the big area of merch tents and peek through a fence.

There I see her.

Burn The King is doing a signing at their tent. The line isn't too long but it's definitely not what I would have expected.

I start to regret everything I said those few weeks ago. Now I miss her.

"Alex!" a hand on my shoulder breaks me from my thoughts. It's Bri; the girl Zack made me talk to a few days ago. She's basically my girlfriend now. She's a good distraction, for the time being. Not a great personality.

I force a smile onto my lips. "Hey Bri Bri."

She giggled, touching my arm. "I told you not to call me that!"

My eyes flickered back to Maddie. I'm sort of angry now because I wanted to keep watching her. Just a little while longer. But Bri drags me away.

Later that night we kiss for the first time. I can see she feels something. Shame, I didn't.


A/N: hi so update ok ok this was kind of short srry

I thought of something that'll happen thats like awesome I guess but it happens much later on and now I'm like

wait they just started warped shit


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