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Chapter One| Leona

"You look amazing!" I smile at my best friend and brush down the bottom half of my black satin dress.

"Thank you, Ben." I smile at him.

Not only is he my best friend but he's my personal assistant too. I own my very own lingerie company which I've worked so hard for.

The satisfaction of making my own money and not having to rely on anyone makes me happy. I've got to where I want to be at just twenty six.

Tonight there's a business party hosted by some new business man who has moved into the area. I know that there will be a bunch of arrogant millionaires that care more about conning people for money than anything else.

"Do you know what you need?" I raise my eyebrows at Ben's question. "A man." He winks and I roll my eyes.

"Men are a waste of time, Ben. I'm not looking to get my heart broken by one." I huff, stepping into my heels.

"But look at Jaxon and I, we're going on strong." He throws his arms up and I stare at him.

"That's different." I sigh, throwing my keys and lipgloss into my clutch. 

"When was the last time you got laid?" Another frustrated sigh escapes my lips.

"A year, maybe two." I grit my teeth and his eyes widen.

"Woah." He whispers in shock. "You need dick."

"Don't look too shocked." I say sarcastically and he grins. "Let's just go." I smile gently and we link arms together before walking out of my penthouse.


I'm bored already.

Ben has already begun to mingle with everyone he lays eyes on.

I take a sip from my third glass of champagne, observing everybody here. I don't see the point of this party, it's just another excuse for people to get drunk and flaunt their money.

I didn't want to decline the invitation and paint a bad picture for my company, however, now I'm here it really wouldn't of mattered.

"Hello you sexy thing." My face turns in disgust and I turn around to see some podgy old man. He looks my body up and down, licking his lips, unashamed by his perverted ways.

"My eyes are up here, old man." I retort, rolling my eyes at him.

"You're that woman that sells that sexy lingerie. Let me guess you've got something on under that dress of yours." I slowly close my eyes and take a deep breath.

"Prick!" I throw my drink in his face and then storm away and up a set of marble stairs. I look for a bathroom and make my way into it, slamming the door behind me.

"Deep breathes, Leona." I whisper, bracing myself against the sink.

He's not the only scum bag that's tried to hit on me tonight and I've had enough of it. I seem to be one of the very few women here.

Shortly after there's a knock on the door. I frown and slowly open it to reveal a beautiful Asian woman.

"Are you okay?" She questions and a sigh of relief escapes my lips.

"All these men are horrible!" I exclaim and she lightly laughs, nodding her head.

"So I'm not the only one that's had these old men trying to hit on me." She rests her body weight against the entrance of the bathroom.

She's very attractive, her short hair frames her face perfectly and her make up is done to perfection. She's just a little shorter than my five foot eight frame.

"I'm Lian." She holds her hand out for me and I smile shaking it.

"Leona." I nod and she grins.

"I know who you are, my draws are filled with your lingerie line, my girlfriend is obsessed with me in them." My eyes widen and I smile.

"I'm glad you and your girlfriend like them." I nod and step fully out of the bathroom.

"I'm a make-up artist." She speaks up as we begin to descend the stairs.

"You're make-up is amazing so I'm not surprised." I compliment, picking up another flute of champagne, I hand Lian one and she takes it with a smile. "So have you even seen the host of this party?" I question.

"Apparently he is yet to make an appearance." She shrugs, taking a small sip.

"Well I've been here for like three hours, I might leave." I sigh, feeling my feet beginning to hurt. A warm bath would be nice right now. "I mean I'm not being rude but why bother hosting a party if you're not gonna be here, what an idiot." I roll my eyes and look at Lian who is staring behind me with wide eyes.

"I apologise for running late, princess." My face drops and I clutch the champagne flute a little tighter. I was not expecting an answer from the deep voice behind me.

I look at Lian with wide eyes and then slowly turn around to come face to face with a chest.

Do I dare look up at the mystery man?

I do just that and stumble back a little as I stare into a set of dark brown eyes.

This man is fine.

He has light brown hair, which is shaved at the sides and long on top with specks of grey, clearly telling me he is much older than I am. He wears a crisp black suit and I can't help but see the silver chain under his white shirt and the tattoo crawling up his neck.

He's also incredibly tall.

I gulp and look back into his eyes that are staring down at me, amused.

"I'm guessing you're the host." I straighten my back and stare back up at him, my confidence coming back.  

He continues to stare down at me in amusement and raises one eyebrow at me.

"I may be." He straightens his back and I can't help but look at his sharp jawline.

Stop checking him out Leona.

"Right. Well thanks for the invite but I will be leaving." I turn around to face Lian and hand her my business card. "Feel free to contact me, we could go for a drink or something." She grins and nods her head eagerly.

"Bye." She waves and wonders off.

I can still feel the giant standing behind me but I decide to walk off. I tell Ben that I'm leaving but he chooses to stay.

I make my way out of the building and walk down the concrete steps.

"Thank you for coming." I spin around and spot the mysterious man smirking at me.

He slowly walks over to me and I clench my jaw, staring up at him.

"Why are you leaving so soon? The party has just begun?" He shoves his hands in his trouser pockets and I raise my eyebrows.

"Well the place is full of disgusting perverts, so sorry if I want to leave because I don't feel comfortable." I watch his face harden at my words.

"Tell me who." I roll my eyes.

"Doesn't matter. Goodbye." I turn on my heel and walk away.


Something tells me this won't be the last time I see that man.

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