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Just a quick update guys :)

Tris' POV
When Tobias finally finishes his cake I have to drag him out of the cafeteria before he can get more. "Oh, we need to tell the initiates that they have tomorrow off." I say.
"Okay, let's go now." I nod and follow Tobias. We decided to let them have one more day away from training. That way Augustus can start with everyone else. Don't ask me how we got Eric to agree to it. When we get to the hall where the dorms are we hear lots of laughing. I raise an eyebrow at Tobias who shrugs. "Better than horrific screaming." I consider this and agree. We walk in silence down the hall. Once we reach the door I put my hand on the handle and look at Tobias. I silently count to three before opening the door. We walk into the room and just look at everyone, confused. Annabeth has a blue streak in her hair, Clara has a clown wig on, Draco is dressed like a princess and Steve and Ron have cake all over their face. Then there's Percy. He's stopped dancing and just stares at us with a seaweed wig on. No one moves. I clear my throat. "Um-"
"Please, don't ask." Clara says while covering her face. Everyone just looks shocked. I don't blame them. Then, out of the blue, Rose just starts laughing. One by one, everyone joins her. Tobias and myself even laugh. After a good ten minutes I calm myself enough to speak. "What are you guys doing?" I ask, still completely confused. "It was Percy's idea." Tony says.
"Hey!" Percy complains.
"We were playing a game." Annabeth mutters, completely embarrassed. "Let me guess, Candor or Dauntless?" Tobias asks. A couple of the initiates nod. "Hey it's okay. You're not in trouble." I laugh lightly. Hermione sighs, relived. I shake my head and walk over to them, Tobias at my side. "So, what happened?" I ask.
"Eating contest." Steve says.
"I won." Ron proudly states.
"Percy dared me to dye my hair blue." Annabeth mumbles. I look at Percy. "What? I like blue. Long story short I got dared to wear this that my mum made because I was scared of seaweed. Then later on dared to dance in it."
"I don't want to share." Draco mutters while taking the tutu off. "Neither do I." Clara says and takes the wig off. I let it all sink in while Tobias laughs beside me. "Well, you guys are original. I'll give you that much."
"Yeah. Anyway, just letting you know that you have tomorrow off. That way Augustus can get out without...." My gaze falls onto Augustus' and I stop. He smiles and waves. "Hi."
"Bu-but you're sup-"
"In the infirmary? Yes, I got a pass." I nod. "Right. Well, that's about it I guess. We'll leave you to it." Tobias awkwardly nods as we leave in a VERY awkward silence.

We walk to the Pit before he finally breaks the silence. "Well, that's never happened before." I burst out laughing. "God, everyone tried to kill each other last year. Not be a bunch of happy Amity kids!" Tobias chuckles and takes my hand. "They're different." I nod and follow him to his place. We get to his door when he stops and stares at me, suddenly nervous. "What?" I ask, getting a bit self conscious. He sighs and stares at me. "Tris, you know that I love you right?"
"Oh god." He laughs at my response even though I'm oblivious to what his going to say. "Don't worry I'm not breaking up with you."
"Good, because I would've butter knifed you."
"Yeah, that makes everything better." We laugh at our foolishness. We can act like three year olds. "What is it Tobias?" I ask softly. He sighs and stares into my eyes. "Tris, would you like to move in with me?" I smile and start laughing. He looks confused. "What?"
"N-nothing. Tobias, of course I would! You're making it sound like a marriage proposal or something!" He laughs with me. "I guess so. Anyway, we can do it tomorrow." I nod and kiss him. "Thank you." I mean it too.

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