9 - I found him

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A lot of my chapters are starting to be short! I am terribly sorry! Only I have already started the next chapter for this story, and it's a lot longer!


I awake with a start. That stupid dream with those eyes are back. I hadn’t dreamt about it for a little bit, but yay me it’s back.

I couldn’t sleep. I just laid there. Damon popped into my mind. He had been gone a whole week, and it felt like years. I hate to admit it, but I miss him.

I was looking at a picture of my mother and I. It was in a photo frame that sat on my bedside table. I was all of a sudden angry at my mum. It was her fault Damon was gone. If she wasn’t dead he’d still be here. I know it was wrong to be mad at my mum for something that Damon did, but I couldn’t help it. I threw the photo frame at the wall. It smashed.

Eh, I better clean that up before anyone sees it. I turned on the light and walked over. There was a folded piece of paper, it looked like it had been folded for a long time. It had my name written on it.

My dear Ellie,

I want you to know I miss you deeply. You gave me a great joy by just being alive. I am so deeply sorry I couldn’t return the favour for as long as a mother should. I should have been at you wedding, at the hospital when you were giving birth to my grandchildren. I should have watch them grow up, and then died old and peacefully.

I will protect you until death. If you are reading this, then that’s what I have done. I will love you always.

Remember this though; Looks are deceiving. Don’t believe what everyone tells you. Listen to the whole story. One more thing, follow your heart not your head.

Love, your mother.

I stared at the letter, I read it over and over again.

Oh my god. My mum knew she was going to die!? Who was she protecting me from? Damon maybe… No he wouldn’t have hurt me, I just know he wouldn’t.

I know one thing though, I will find Damon and find answers.

It a school day, I should be getting ready for school. No, I had just finished packing my back for a trip. My luck, dad was on a business trip. I just have to explain to Dan, why I won’t be here for a little bit.

I tip toed down the stairs.

“Are you ready!? Jeez come on El!” Dan yelled.

“Well Dan… I’m not going to school. I need the car, and I can’t explain, sorry. This is something I need to do.” I told him.

I was waiting for the whole yelling situation, only it didn’t come.

“Okay. I know something has been wrong with you this past week, I am trusting you to be careful. Bye lil sis.” He smiled and left the room.

Oh god, was I really going to do this?! Too late. I already I am. I got in the car and headed off to my first destination.

I stormed up to the house and pushed the door open.

“STEFAN! Where are you!? I need to talk to you, NOW!!” I yelled as I entered the Salvatore house.

He walked into the room.

“You’re a little late for school.” He told me.

“You listen here, you will tell me where the hell Damon is right now. I am serious.”

“Honestly, I don’t know where he is.”

“Well, do you know a little something about him killing my mother? I know there’s more to the story than just one death. Tell me.”

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