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(y/n) pov

I sighed and plugged in my head phones. I was lisining to (song). I sighed and thoghte of my life. I was 11 when it all started.


I smiled and ran around the yard chasing my (f/c) ball. i stopped and ran up to my dad, "dady, whens momma coming home?'' I asked him. "Any minute now." I nodded and went back to playing with my ball. Suddenly there was a loud crash down the street. I say my dad run out the door and a little down the road. " (Y/N) CALL 911!" I was confused but grabbed the phone any." I studdered out, "Ok sweety, an ambulece is on their way so hang on." "ok, thank you." Aftway. "911 whats your emergency?" "M-my dad told me to call 911. I think there was a car crash" "Okay sweety we'er on our way." after that I hung up and ran out side. I saw my dad running the accident. There was a red truck and... our car. "MOMMY!" I ran to the car. "(y/n) go back inside." My dad commanded. "B-But Mommy." I said with tears streaming down my face. "NOW!" He yelled. I took a glance at the car. I wish i hadnt. I could see her face, it was covered in blood. Her eyes were wide open and had no life in them. I cried more and ran to my room. My mom was dead.


I was standing beside my mom in the hospitle. Holding her pale hand.

Beep. Beep. Beeeeeeeeep.


I lieing on my bed. "(Y/N) COME HERE." i got up and went down stairs to see my dad with a beer bottlle in his hand. "D-daddy?" He snarled, " Its YOUR fault shes dead!" I was shocked, "B-but that driver hi-" He cut me off, "SHE WAS GETTING YOU FOOD!" His words were slurred. I yellped when he punched my in the face. He Then started to kick and hit me. "DADDY! S-STOP!" I pleaded but he ignored me.


He would beat me every day after that. I was bullied. My moms dead. My dad Beats me. I cried and vered off to the woods. When i thoghte i was far enoghe i pulled out the blood stained razor. 'One more time couldn't hurt.' I sat on a log and slid the razor across my arm. After about tweanty cuts i stopped. "Know one will miss me." I mumbled getting up. I waled a little closer until i found a deep ravine. "Perfect." I smiled slightly and walked over to the edge and stood there.

enderlox's pov

I stood on a high branch and watched the girl walk to the cliff. I grinned, I Loved watching poeple kill them selves. I suddenly stopped grinning. 'Why do i feel sad?' I thoghte, 'She's just another hopeless person taking there own life.' She strted crieing and looked over the edge then she turned around and fell. I don't know why, but i found my self flying after her.

(y/n) pov

I jumped waiting for the impact to kill me. But instead of hitting the ground i felt someone catch me. I kept my eyes sqeezed shut. I was shaking, whoever cought me was, flying up? I opened my eyes. A boy about my age was lookinh ahead of him as he, was flying?? He had ender dragon wings and a tail. 'Enderlox!?' I thoghte, 'why would a ruthless killer save me?' He had blood sploches on his clothes and a little on his face. I looked at my hands and kept quiet. 'Mabey we wanted to kill me.' I was sudddenly terrified, 'what if he kills me?' He was carrieing me bridle style. I was pretty light since i didn't eat much. I remembered my wrist and felt extremely exhausted. 'Mabey i won't wake up. No i want to know why he saved me.' I tried to stay awake but ended up blacking out.


I felt warm warm? I slowly opened my eyes and I was laying next to someone, well against. I was in what i guess was Enderlox's bed. He was... cuddling with me!? 'A killer dragon hybrid was cuddling with me?' His tail was wrapped around my waist and his wings were wrapped around me. My arms were bandeged. His purple eyes snapped open. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I could feel him looking at me. He lightly kissed my forhead, "Sleep well, (y/n)." he pulled me closer into his chest and continued to cuddle with me. I smiled and snuggled into his warm chest.

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