Chapter 1 - Twins

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October 12, 2014

*Ashton's POV*

My phone rang while I was in my room, about a week after the Where We Are Tour was over. I realized the number, but I hadn't gotten a call from the number for a long time. It was Chloe. Chloe was my girlfriend that I broke up with almost three years ago. I hit accept and began to talk to her.

"Hi Chloe... I haven't talked to you in such a long time.. What's going on?" I asked. Chloe had moved to Adelaide about three years ago, after a huge fight we had. We broke up, then about a week or so later, she moved there because of her dad's job.

"Well, I just lost my job, and my house... And my parents aren't talking to me anymore.. I have nowhere else to go.." She told me.

"Chloe, you could come and stay with me! I don't mind." I told her.

"Thanks Ash, but there's one-" she was cut off by somebody in the background. It sounded like a child in the background, and they said, "mummy!!"

It sounded like she put her hand over the phone's microphone to muffle the sound. I sill heard some, though. It sounded like she said, "Jackson, not now, mummy's on the phone". She got back on the phone.

"Who was that? You have a son?" I asked.


"Where's your boyfriend or whoever the dad is?"

"He's not around anymore"

"Oh that's terrible.. My dad did that to me. He just left. I would never do that to my kid"

"Uh, yeah," she stuttered.

"What's the matter?"

"Well, Ash, I want to tell you more about Jackson"

"I'm, okay, go ahead"

"well, he's a twin"

"Really? What's his twin's name?"

"They're both boys, and I wanted to name one after his dad, but I didn't want to use his dad's name, so I used something close to it"

"Really? That's cool. What is it?"

"It's Asher"

"that's cute!!"

"Thanks.. It's Asher and Jackson Irwin"

"Wait, what?"

"They're Irwins, Ash"

"They're mine?"


"How old are they?"

"They just turned two. Their birthday was about a month ago. They were born on September 3, 2012"

"Wait- when did we, you know? That would be just a little over nine months after you left.."

"Yeah. December 16, 2011 we, you know, I don't want to say it around the boys," she giggled, "then the next morning we fought and broke up because I said you were spending too much time with the band. I left then less than a week later. I found out I was pregnant about mid-January. I just decided not to tell you because I knew you were really focused on the band, and that was why we broke up anyways.."

"Well, Chloe, you can come and stay with me, and I can't wait to meet Jackson and Asher!" I was excited to meet my sons.

"Thank you so much, Ash.. And could we maybe start dating again?"

"Of course, Chlo (A/N: pronounced 'clo')" I used my old nickname for her.

"I miss you so much, Ashy" she said, using my old nickname.

"I can't wait to see you again.. I'll see you soon Chloe. Tell the boys daddy can't wait to meet them!"

"I will! Bye Ash. See you soon!"

"Bye Chloe. See you when you get here!" I said, then hung up.


I had invited the boys over to tell them about Jackson and Asher. We were all in my room, and Calum and Makenna had brought the triplets. Michael was getting impatient and asked, "so.. What's the announcement?"

"I'm a daddy.." I said.

"You're what?" They wondered.

"Chloe just told me that I have sons, twins. They're a little more than two"

"Aw! Congrats, Ashton! What are their names?" Makenna asked.

"Jackson and Asher"

"That's cute! And the triplets will have somebody to play with, just a year older than them!" Calum said.

"Yeah. I'm excited to meet them. They'll be living with me, and I'll help them because she lost her job and house, and her parents aren't speaking to her anymore"

"Then you'll be able to see them a lot! That's great, Ash"

"Mhm" I said, thinking about meeting my sons (pictures of Jackson and Asher to side or up top. Jackson is on the left, Asher's on the right).


This is just an important chapter to the book.. It'll skip many years to the next chapter:)

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