Chapter 15: Internships

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I entered the class and said good morning.I sat down at my desk and got lost in thought.Father must be planning something,he always disappears for a certain amount of time.I was broke out of my thoughts when the door opened to reveal Aizawa come in without any bandages,at least hes doesn't look like a mummy anymore.Than Tsuyu said,"Glad to see your bandages off Sensei","The lady went a little bit over board with the treatment".He than goes infront of the class,still with a tired expression.
"Today you will be choosing your intern ships for hero agencys"

He than shows us the board with amounts of hero agency internships we got.

Torodoki Shoto: 4,123

Bakugo Katsuki: 3,556

(Ln) (Yn): 471

Fumikage Tokoyami:360

Tenya Iida: 301

Denki Kaminari: 272

Yaoyorozu Momo:108

Eijro Kirishima: 68

Ochako Uraraka: 20

Hanta Seo: 14

I'm surprised,I even impressed any pros.Than the door burst open to reveal Midnight.I looked at her confused and Aizawa spoke up,"Midnight is here to help you pick out your code name".Midnight passes out whiteboards to start writing down names.The sparkling kid,Aoayoma went up,"The Shineing Hero:I can't stop Twinkling ", that was a whole sentence.But he was helped and kept the name and Mina went up ,"Alien Queen",she said cheerfully but was refused by Midnight.There was a few suggestions and were rejected.The mood changed until Tsuyu went up."The rainy season hero:Froppy","Perfect".The mood changed and was happier.That is a cute and creative name.

"Earphone Jack"[I think it sounds cool]


"Tentacole"[It sounds like a name of a Pokemon ]

"Grapejuice"[That is what he will become if he doesn't watch his mouth]

"Animan"[Simple But cute]

"Tailman"[Simple but cool]

"Sugerman"[Sounds like a cool arcade game]

"Chargbolt"[Sounds like a Pokemon move]

Mina than went up again,"Pinky",that was now approved.

"Creati,I hope I don't let this name down"[Creative]

"Uravity","Cute"[I agree]

"Red Riot","Is it in honor of crimson riot","Yup"[Sounds manly]


Everyone has shown their name except Bakugo,Todoroki,Tenya,Izu,Itsuki and I.Todoroki went up first and it was just his name."Are you sure"?"Yes",he goes back to his seat.Tenya does the same thing and was now Izu's turn."Deku", "Are you sure Midoriya","Yes I will change the meaning of this name",we all cheer,I'm proud of him.Itsuki than walks up and shows his board:

"The Robotic hero:Voltron","Sounds tough"

She than looks at me,"It's your turn (Ln)",I get up from my seat and go up.I stare at my class and reveal my board:

"The Android hero:Virtuora","Ooh very pretty and futuristic"

I smile and go back to my seat next to Itsuki.I than started looking at my internship offers.But one really caught my eye.

The General Agency

  The Army hero:General

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