- 4. (tips for pulling your readers heart strings)

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~ one of the most simple ways to get your reader to connect with the character is to make your character relatable as hell. have your character relate or agree on common opinions in the real world like "apple juice being better than orange juice" even though i myself prefer orange juice over apple ;)


~ if you're writing a kind of book where the protagonist (main character) is trying to reach a certain goal it is best to play with the readers feelings a little bit to make them feel for the character.

~ a way you can play with your readers feelings is to almost get the character to their goal and then to not let them reach it. make sure to do it a few times too so whenever the protagonist reaches that goal the reader is very proud of the protagonist. it's evil but i swear it'll work.

~ you can use other characters to make the reader feel for the protagonist also. you can do this by letting the other character form a very important role to the protagonist, and then simply take away that other character (ex. kill them off, make their bond fade away, etc.). this will make the reader feel even more bad for the main character because the main character will basically be alone and we all know we hate that feeling of loneliness.


~ so basically put it like this, the main character has been through complete hell for almost the whole book. give them a happy moment and make sure the character is enjoying it. & then just suddenly make that happy moment into a sad one. this will make the reader feel like the character never gets a break which will form sympathy for the character.


~ like i mentioned earlier with the whole killing an important character off or something of that nature—you don't even have to actually kill the character off. you can just make it seem like the character dies (you can also do this with the main character) but whole time they didn't.

~ i personally HATE cliffhangers but this is where writers should definitely use cliffhangers. it will leave the reader distraught and they will really want another chapter to know what really happens to the character. so false alarms will only really be affective at the end of chapters.

~ and to pull at the readers heart strings even more continue the next chapter with another character thinking the character did in fact die, just for the next chapter to reveal that the character didn't die which will leave your readers ✨shook✨

**A/N: i might do a part 2 to this because i think their could be many other ways to make your readers cry 🙂

more tips on pulling your readers heart strings

︾more tips on pulling your readers heart strings ︾

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