Untitled Part 1

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Her hazel eyes were glazed, staring at everything and seeing nothing.  The flies buzzed around her body, aching to aid in her decomposition.  Skin once pink with life lay like pallid marble as locks of limp, dark hair bobbed with the gentle flow of the current.  She had been pretty; she still was in the way that death allows.  Her delicate bone structure and slim build were exaggerated by her state of true helplessness, like a porcelain doll broken in a child’s frenzy.

The crew withdrew her from Puget Sound with ease.  Hands gentle and precise laid her onto the flattened gurney, as if she was sleeping instead of gone.  Will noted the little V between her eyebrows, a sign of anger or confusion.  Carved for eternity into her features by the killer.  It was probably soft, kissable almost.

Will Graham stared at her for minutes that felt like years.  The pendulum swung back and forth, wiping away the cool Seattle chill and the crews bustling about.  It was just her, and him.

You are drawn to me… drawn by forces and powers beyond your control.  I am in control.  You come willingly now, but I do not see you as a partner.  You are merely an object for my shaping.  I see you as a pliable tool.  You are unaware.  To you, it’s just some harmless fun.  You are unashamed of your choice to come to me.  I take advantage, tying you down.  You want it; you trust me.  This is my design.

“Will…” Jack’s voice intruded gently.   He knew when Will was on to something, but he also knew that Will could go too far in his methodology.  He did not want to lose him again.

“She has… marks.  On the wrists, and ankles.”

“I can see that. He restrained her. It’s not unheard of in cases of sadistic murder.”

Will caught the sarcasm, but he had no room for it at the moment.  “She willingly submitted to restraint, Jack. Look at the marks. Victims who struggle for long periods of time show a lot more damage than that. She was fine with being tied down. Up until the moment he showed his intent; his design.”

“So you’re saying that she was more than happy to be trussed up like a prisoner until he killed her?”

“Jack, a lot of people are into some kinky fuckery; it’s not a sign of true sadism or intent to kill.”

“I know that. But, it’s a start. If we look into the local kink communities we may find out who is looking for new submissives on a regular basis, or at least clues.”

Will shook his head.  “This one wants to hide, Jack. You won’t find him in any communities or munches where his actions are scrutinized. He isn’t a healthy fetishist.”

“Excuse me while I contain my surprise at that piece of information,” Jack interjected with a roll of his eyes.

“He would want to hide this. He would want to hide it all. He’s not proud; he’s ashamed.”

“As he damn well should be; I have no issues with getting your rocks off however you see best, but I draw a clear line in the fucking sand when you start hurting people.”

“Jack, he doesn’t see it as ‘getting his rocks off,’ he sees it as a need. He tried to hide this body; he weighed it down.”

“Didn’t do a very good job. She can’t have been dead more than forty-eight hours, just from my rough estimate. We’ll need the lab crew to examine her obviously, but whoever did this is not well versed in corpse disposal.”

“No one does well their first time, Jack; isn’t that so?”

“You think this is his first victim?”

“Did I say that? No. This was his first murder, but he’s had victims before.”

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