10 - You Think He Likes Your Sibling More Than You

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Luke (Age 13):

Ever since you were little, you had thought that Luke liked Jack and Ben more than you. He would constantly be going out with them or hanging out with them, but never you. Your 14th birthday was even coming up and you were pretty sure he wouldn't be there.

Today, Luke promised you that the two of you would hang out all day together. You had picked out some movies, even including Mean Girls, and headed downstairs to see Luke seated on the couch. You were about 45 minutes into Mean Girls when Luke had to "go take a phone call". You nodded as he left and paused the movie, not wanting him to miss anything.

You waited for over an hour and he never returned. You looked around the house and found that Jack and Ben weren't home either. He promised to spend the entire day with you, but no, he left again, with your older brothers.

You grabbed your phone and called Michael and he gladly came over and hung out with you. "Mikey, why? He promised me!" You were beginning to cry so Michael pulled you into his lap while he tried to calm you down. "Y/N, Luke is just being a jerk. He doesn't know what he's missing. I think you're a pretty amazing hang out buddy." You laughed at that and hugged Michael around his neck. "Don't worry, we'll get an explanation," Michael said with a smile on his face.

Calum (Age 6):

Calum was talking with Mali-Koa in the kitchen while he was grabbing a snack. You really wanted Calum to play with you outside and you had been waiting patiently for 30 minutes. You finally decided to try to get his attention.

You walked over to where he and your sister were standing and gently pulled Calum's shirt, saying, "Cal?" You certainly weren't being loud, you just wanted him to know that you want his attention. Instead of him politely telling you to hold on like normal, he snapped. "Y/N! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TALKING TO MALI?! JUST GO AWAY, YOU'RE SO ANNOYING!"

You immediately ran up to your room, slamming and locking the door behind you. He had never yelled at you before. Now that this happened, he definitely liked Mali more than you. You cried for an hour and eventually tired yourself out. You climbed onto your bed and curled up, completely hidden under the covers. You slept until the next morning, still very angry at Calum.

Ashton (Age 2):

Ashton had just come home from tour and to say you were excited was an understatement. As soon as he walked through the front door, you ran and hugged his leg tightly. He greeted you and then put you to sleep, seeing as how it was your nap time. But, you could tell things were different between the two of you.

Your mom had left, not telling anyone, to grab some stuff from the grocery store. Ashton decided that he was gonna take Lauren and Harry out for a late lunch, completely forgetting about you. You woke up from your nap only to find an empty house. At first, you thought they were all hiding, but you looked everywhere and no one could be found. You gave up and sat down in the center of the living room, crying heavily. "He no love me," you cried to yourself.

After what seemed like an eternity, your mom finally came home. "Y/N? What's wrong, baby?" "No one here!" "Where's Ashton?" You shrugged and she moved with you in her arms to the staircase. "Ash? Lauren? Harry?" There was no answer. Your mother growled and it scared you a little bit. "Don't worry, sweetie, he won't be getting away with this." She carried you back into the kitchen and after all the groceries were put away, you cuddled together on the couch, awaiting your brother's return.

Michael (Age 9):

You had a twin brother and Michael always seemed to take better to him. Maybe it was because he was a boy, or maybe he just never wanted a sister. You tried constantly to get on Michael's better side, but no matter what, you still felt that he hated you.

Your mom had told Michael to take you and your twin, Sam, out to do something together. You all headed out and went to the arcade, Michael constantly doing whatever Sam wanted to do. Finally, you had enough. Michael was too interested in Sam to notice you gently pulling his phone from his pocket and calling your mom. "Mom?" "Y/N? Is everyone okay?" "Yeah, they are fine. Can you just come get me please?" "Sure. I'll be there in a few minutes, okay?" "Okay." You slid the phone back into your big brother's pocket and waited outside the arcade.

You hopped into the car and told your mom the whole story on the ride home. "Sweetie, I'm really sorry. I never knew all of this was happening! I should have paid more attention." "It's not your fault, Mom, he just doesn't like me." "I'm sure he does, Y/N. I'll talk to him later, okay?" "No! You can't! Then he will hate me even more than he does now!" "It'll be okay, I promise," she said, smiling over at you. "Fine," you sighed, knowing how this is going to go later...

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