Chapter 25

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Aston's P.O.V

"Hey guys. Where's Maria?" I asked. We all looked around and couldn't find her. "The black BMW has gone." Soph pointed out. "Oh no! She's gone. First Katie, then her mum and now Maria has gone. I bet it's that Jamie. Oh wait till I see him." I raged. "Ok Ast, calm down." Marv said as he put an arm round my shoulders.

"We will find them. Don't worry." Reesh said as he gave me a smile. I was crying at this point. What if she never comes back? Soph came and gave me a hug. Not as good as Maria's hugs. "Come on. Let's go back to Jenny's and think this through." Soph said. We were walking up the the road when Mark stopped us and said "I remember the number plate."

We all cheered and came in for a group hug. "Are you sure?" I questioned. "Yeah don't worry Aston. I want Maria back too." he replied. I was so angry with him. "I want Maria back and her family. I really care about them three. If anything happens to Maria, Katie and Jen, they have me to answer too."

Soph pulled everyone in front of me and said "They have us to answer to." Everyone smiled and nodded. "Thanks guys. I do have the best of friends." I said as I looked each of them in the eyes, even Mark. Soph kinda did a loving gaze into Mark's eyes. I think we all knew why. Then we set off back to Jen's to think things through, find the number plate and get my girlfriend and her family back!

Maria's P.O.V

It was pitch black and I couldn't see anything. All I knew was I wasn't in the BMW anymore. I just could make out a light switch and turned it on. I was in a small room with white walls and a door. There were no windows and there was a big, tall bookcase.

There was something moving behind it. I shuffled over to it, as I was tied up, and looked behind it. It was Katie! I mumbled to try and get her attention. She heard and glanced over and I could make out a smile forming on her face behind the black tape. What is it with black with these people?

Suddenly, the door swung open to reveal the same man who I had walked past earlier. "Morning Ladies. Maria, I see you've met your little sister." He said peeling the tape away from our mouths. "Yes. I've known her for 10 years, unlike you, you selfish pratt!" I screamed. "Oh so you know who I am?" He smirked, knowing what he did to my mum 10 years ago.

I couldn't look at him while I thought about it. "Yes, Jamie. I know." I whispered loud enough for him to hear. "What have you done with my mummy?" Katie shouted. I moved closer to Katie to comfort her. Jamie bent down and untied us. He had to big men standing behind him to stop us from escaping.

"Your mother is perfectly safe." he replied and walked out the door, locking it as he left. "Maria I want to go home." Katie said full of tears. "I know Katie. So do I." I said while hugging her. "What happened? How did he get you?" I asked. She looked up and then immediately looked down again. "Katie?" I said sweetly.

"Me and mummy were watching Tracy Beaker when there was a knock at the door. Mummy went to answer it and it was that man, the one who came in. Mummy didn't recognise him and he gave her a package. Inside was a picture of him and her in a pub hugging each other and there was a letter." she explained.

"What did the letter say?"
"It said 'Hey Jenny. I know about your children, I know I got you pregnant no you have a little girl called Katie and an older girl called Maria you had with your first husband. I know where your first husband is. Ben is dead. I killed him after I knew you had got married to him before you met me. Your children aren't safe with me around. Remember that's Jen. From Jamie x' that's all I know." She finished.

"Ok, Katie. That's all I needed to hear."


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