Give Me Love (Short Story

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She was seen by many. She was perceived as quiet and shy. But no one knew her struggles. She was an angel. But not just an angel, she was a love angel. She made people fall in love with each other. No matter ethnicity or gender. "Love was love", was her motto.


Adonia walked inside the coffee shop. Quickly sweeping her eyes across the small shop.  Seeing nothing out of the ordinary she walked towards the counter and smiling warmly at the young man who would be taking her order.

Adonia swung her long dark hair across her shoulder. The young man was astounded by her beauty.

"Could I have a coffee? Black," She said and the young man, at a loss of words, just nodded.

Adonia took a seat in one of the back tables. She looked once more at the people gathered there and she smiled. Sensing the happiness and love.

The young man brought her the coffee and she thanked him giving him a ten and telling him to keep the change.

The bell at the front of the shop made a "ding" sound, signaling that a client had entered the shop. It was a couple, a man and a woman. The man seemed very nervous to be there. And he was fidgety. Adonia observed that the woman seemed happy to be there, with him.

Adonia smiled and told herself it was time to get to work.

She watched the couple until they got up and left an hour later. She gave them a head start and then got up and left the shop and headed the way that she heard the woman's giggles.

She followed them into the dark night and hid in an alley. Adonia climbed the building with ease and she took her bow and arrow from her backpack. She positioned the bow and arrow and pointed it to the man. She counted to three and shot the arrow. The arrow disappeared into the man's back, causing no pain, like it should, but instead a deep loving sensation.

Adonia looked on, with an amused expression her face, as she saw the man take the woman by the waist and planted a sweet kiss on her lips.

Adonia felt the bitter sweet sensation.  The deep satisfaction that came with helping people realize they were right for each other. But also the pain she felt when she realized no one would ever love her. Why? Because she was a a fixture in the life of everyday people. She was the girl you saw at a bust stop but never again. She was the girl who helped the elderly cross the street and then disappear. She was the girl who made others fall in love but wouldn't fall herself.

She sulked over that fact until she saw a pair of women fighting. Adonia took a deep breath, knowing she could make it all better. She raised the bow and arrow once again and struck one of the women. They hugged as soon as the arrow disappeared in the young woman back.

                Adonia smiled. Best part of this crappy job. Making people happy.

Adonia walked home slowly after putting the bow and arrow back in the backpack. She sighed and started walking down the middle of the deserted street. Shops closed for the night on either side of the street. Adonia was lost in her little world when she heard the screeching tires of a car. It stopped right in front of her.

"I'm so sorry!" Said the tall dark man as he got out the car.

"Everything's fine," Adonia said. And it would have been.  Adonia was indestructible.

"Do you need a hospital? Anything?" The man asked.

"No" Adonia, "I'm leaving now"

"Um, do you need a ride somewhere? It's dark out and this part of town is not safe" He said.

Adonia debated whether to say no or accept the offer. The man looked at her expectantly, giving Adonia feelings she had never experienced. It was weird, in a good way. She wondered if the feeling in her stomach was right.

"Alright," Adonia finally answered. The man led her to the passenger side of the expensive looking car.

Adonia knew she would be safe. Nothing could hurt her. Adonia gave directions to her apartment complex. The man drove fast through the dark, lonely streets of Seattle. They got to the apartment rather quickly. She smiled at the man.

My, my, my give me love, the phrase came into her head. And she was shocked. The man smiled at her.

"What is your name?" He asked just as she was about to get out, backpack in hand.

"Adonia," She answered quickly.

"Meaning endless love. I'm Edward" he smiled.

"Nice to meet you, Edward," She said, shocked that he knew the meaning of her name, "Goodbye." She got out the car and waved until Edwards's car disappeared. She looked around and when she saw no one. Her wings sprung to life. She flew to the top of the building and watched over the dark city.


It had been days and she could not get Edward out of her head. Everywhere she went she would think of him. Today she was at her apartment, making more arrows for people when something popped in her head.

Give me love, because lately I've been waking up alone.

What does it mean? She asked herself as she finished the arrow she was working on.

"I think it means you need to find love, Adonia" The little voice I her mind spoke again.

How? She asked herself.

"You know how" Said the voice once again. Adonia frowned.

Adonia looked at the arrow and something clicked. She got up, arrow in hand and walked to her outside to her building where no one was and turned and walked into an alley. She sat down and took a deep breath. She knew what to do. She positioned her arrow in the middle of her chest and stabbed herself, making her fall into a slumber. Arrow disappearing.


Adonia woke up attached to tubes and ...Edward?

"Good! You're awake!" He said "do you remember me? I nearly ran you over yesterday? Edward? I'm you're doctor."

Adonia could not speak. All she heard was "Give Me Love"

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